Need valuation / price estimates



I’m planning to post several Soviet / Russian rounds for trade in a dedicated forum section, but have little idea of their relative value. So I need price estimates to know what I can ask for in exchange for those rounds.

PLEASE do not make offers or inquiries here, this post is only to get price estimates in USA and, if possible, Europe

so, here we go.

9x39 subsonic ammo: several fired SP-5 / SP-6 cases (unheadstamped), fired SP-6 AP projectiles, unfired SP-6 AP and SP-5 (sniper ball) projectiles, 2 dummy rounds assembled from fired components, sectioned SP-6 round, and an original box of 10 inert (drilled case) SP-5 sniper rounds in very good conditions
For those unaware, these rounds are used in suppressed AS Val assault rifle, VSS Vintorez sniper rifle and SR-3 compact assault rifle

several sets of 7.62x35 SP-3 internally suppressed rounds. Each set comprises of one fired case (good to average conditions, with some pitting or rust), one inert (drilled case) round in very good condition, and an original clip for MSP pistol
Also available original carboard box for SP-3 rounds and several loose fired cases (also in average to good conditions)

three fired 7.62x40 SP-4 internally suppressed cases, in good conditions (for PSS pistol)

one set of 7.62x63 PZ “Zmeya” (Snake) internally suppressed rounds.
Set comprises of one fired case (very good conditions), one inert (drilled case) round also in very good condition, and an original clip for S4 pistol

Thanks for any info. I do not need exact, down-to-one-cent pricing, but basic ballpark figures to see what I can get for those rounds in trades.


Someone, please…


PM sent.