Need Winchester catalogs and Price Lists 1925-1935

I’m doing some research and need some information on Winchester cartridges from the 1925-1935 period. I have learned to depend greatly on the catalogs Ron Merchant and Roger Huegel put on the IAA Website. Unfortunately, there are no Winchester catalogs posted.

If anyone had a copy or even a partial copy, or knows where one is on line of for sale, I would greatly appreciate it.




I have here catalog No.83 dated 1925 - any good ?
let me know what you are looking for and I can scan the page.

Jim Buchanan

Have you tried looking on here? … em_id=3722


I bet some of the Winchester Arms Collectors Association people have these and would share.

Hi Lew,

I looked though the catalogs I got from Ron, but I only have Winchester starting in 1982.

And winchester-western starting in 1960

Also, some day if I am ever less busy I will put more catalogs online.

+1 for Abby at Cornell Pubs. I recently purchased some 1895-1915 UMC catalogs. The inventory is extensive.

Many thanks for reminding me about Cornell! I just spoke to Abby and sent her an order.


Thanks for the copies of the critical pages from the 1936 and 1937 Western catalogs. The K####T numbers were in the 1037 catalog but not the 1936.

These pretty much confirm that the late 1936-early 1937 as the introduction of the K####T numbers at Western. The only question that is outstanding is that there is a Western 380 “Target” box with a load date of Nov 1935 that has a Western K# (K1354T). One possible explanation is that the box has an “A” prefix on the load date code so it was actually produced at Winchester. It may be that Winchester assigned these numbers for their production of Western Cartridges, but the codes were not picked up by Western until 1936/1937. The only kink in this theory is that there is another box, a 9mm P export contract box-not a Target box, with a load date of May 1935 that doesn’t have a K####T code on it.

Thanks for the great info!