Need Your Help with Identifying a Cartridge-303 Morris


We could use your help in identifying a cartridge that we just received. We have searched a number of reference books but can not locate the cartridge. If you need the dimensions we will upload them in a few hours. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you Bruce

According to White & Munhall, Pistol and Revolver Cartridges, your round is a .230/.297 Morris Long. Its length should be 0.787 - 0.827 inch. The short version is 0.583 - 0.584 inch (pretty tight tolerances, but that’s what the book says). The cartridge is also know as the G.R. 400, 5.6 x 20 Morris, 5.6 x 20 Revolver, and 5.7mm Long Morris. According to the authors, both the long and short versions were fired in guns with the same chamber dimensions, the longer version having more powder for higher velocities.

I’m sure the British collectors can add more.


Thank you for the help. It is greatly appreciated


These were for the .303 training rifles, Morris Aiming tubes

here is a link … sions.html


RICK T, provided a link to a breif history of minature tubes and accsessories. A surprising tidbit in one of the articles peeked my intrest and ignorence. In a portion of an article the author described a tube for both 22 long rifle rimfire and a 22 long rifle central fire. I have to admit I had never heard of a 22 long rifle central fire. Does anyone have an example to post?

Like those?

[quote=“RichT”]These were for the .303 training rifles, Morris Aiming tubes

here is a link … sions.html


Whilst the Morris Patent Tube Company offered their tubes in both long and short versions of the .297/.230 cartridge for commercial sale, the British military only used the short version. It is quite possible that some of the tubes chambered for the long cartridge were privately purchased by Volunteer units but these would have been unofficial.

There was even a British military steel Inspection version of the .297/.230 Morris short.


Just to respond to remchester’s request

that is a fairly bad copy of a X-ray

It was also used in a huge number of civilian small game rifles known as rook and rabbit rifles. Mostly Martinis, it also had a presence in civilian target shooting and a lot of cadet rifles. … ridges.htm … rifles.htm