Net Trap Cartridge

Can any one tell me about this special purpose shotshell/cartridge.
Date of mfg. What and how it was used etc.



12 ga, 1 1/2 inches long c/l, One piece all plastic case and head. No primer, instead 2 wires inside in brass or copper sleeve. Inside case is a rectangular piece of non magnetic metal a 1/4 long.
Bob Ruebel

Here’s my WAG. The Game and Fish Commission utilize a ‘‘launched’’ net to capture migratory birds. They bait a field, wait for a herd to settle in, and then fire two corners of the net over their heads, trapping a few for study and banding. Never saw any of the equipment for this, but this may be a launching cartridge for that system. Still surfing the web, trying to find something on it.

Here’s what I’m talking about. But I believe this uses CO2 cartridges.

After more searching, I’m thinking this may be an igniter/initiator for a rocket motor.

you got to love a net cartridge !

ALS’s (37mm) is self contained…I have a couple of CF blanks that supposedly propelled nets as well

I do not use them myself, but their are many makers of Zoological net guns used to capture all kinds of wild & captive wildlife. I have never seen what the propelling cartridges look like but will have to ask now :-)


I live in N. Missouri near the Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge. When I was in grade school in the 60’s we would take a field trip to the refuge each fall to see all of the waterfowl. At that time it was mostly Canadian geese. Thay always tried to have birds baited and ready to net while we were their. As I remember the cartridges that they showed us they were using was a standard 12 ga shot shell ( it may of been some type of blank but I do remember it was HIGH BRASS as that was what I knew, when I was 10 that you had to use to kill a goose). It was placed in a homemade device with a solid weight attached to the net and set over the top of the shell. Simular to the old howlitzer pieces used before artillary shells or a shortened mortor tube. This was fired with some type of electric solinoid. I have been told and read in local publishings through the years that one of the refuge employees invented this device and it was improved on from there. This may not be correct but they do claim fame to inventing the net cannon.