Neutralizing a .17 Rimfire

Anybody have some hints for yanking a .17 rimfire projectile and deactivating the priming compound?

Birdseye–Deactivation and sectioning along with reloading information are 3 subjects we do not allow to be discussed on the Forum due to potential liability problems.

ah, sorry

Hi !
If you state you are not living in the US , perhaps one of the forum’s guy can send you info by private mail.

Indeed the liability laws are existing everywhere in the world, the only difference being these laws are applied with common sense.

Try to put your cat in a microwave oven or to drop some hot coffee on your leg in a fast food. Or shot yourself with your gun in the leg. Or fall from your chair.
You can sue whoever you want, you will never win in court !

(A woman six months ago sued a fast food because she glided on a french patatoe. She got nothing, even due to the fact she didn’t have a broken leg, but got paraplegic!)

Suing everybody about everything is good only in USA, people have to realize that.
Everywhere else (except perhaps in UK) people will laugh on you and say you got troubles because of your stupidity.

Coming back to the subject, anybody can give you a receipt how to demilled your round.
If you got troubles (outside USA) , it is because of you, and you will even not find a lawyer to help you to go to court !!