Never see 9x19 Fiocchi expansion!

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Hy Guys the only information i have about this interesting cartridge is that was made and try for Italian Police.


Nicola - there are a whole series of these rounds, usually in cases with normal commercial G.F.L. headstamps.

I had not seen your exact variation. I have one with the chromed-steel ball in the nose, black primer with red seal, headstamp 01 G.F.L. P.S. 06, but in relation to the G.F.L. marking, the lot number (month?) and year marking are oriented differently. Further, brass-jacketed bullet is not so truncated as it yours. It is more round nose in configuration. I have, by the way, verified beyond doubt that mine is dated “06” whereas yours is clearly dated “08.”

I have to leave the house, something I don’t do much anymore, but when I get home, I will try to post a decent scan of the headstamp on mine to show the different orientation of the headstamp date numbers.

I love these Italian rounds (and other things Italian - I was married to an Itala-Americana lady for 54 years! Gone now, unfortunately.

Picture (this is a very poor scan. I work on it for over an hour and a half, re-scanning it four or five times. My scanner just seems to be doing poorer and poorer. Sorry for the bad quality, but it least it illustrates the different orientation of the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock date on the headstamp from that of 1908 production shown by Nicola. I am now not sure if the date is 01 06 or 01 90.???

9 mm GFL Steel Ball rd hstp.2

Edited to add photo and photo comments, and remove a duplication of my name.

John Moss

Yes Jhon sorry for bad photo, now i make of good quality
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i know your*“chromed-steel ball in the nose”*, " 9x19 mm TER 124" i make a comparative photo,and screenshoot of Fiocchi Website.

The headstamps is the same of misterius conical version


Nicola - I thought the tip looked flatter than my round, but could not tell from the first photo. I did see the different bullet ogive.

I don’t understand the comment about the two headstamps being the same. Yours seems to be dated “08” or “80”, I think now the former (08), while mine is “06” or “90” (again, I think now it is “06”) and the numbers in both cases are turned to the opposite direction on the headstamp from those on your cartridges. Same headstamp content other than the year, but not the same headstamp format.

At any rate, you have a very interesting round there! Thanks for posting this.

Conosce la significa delle lettere “TER” nella lingua Italiana anch’è in Inglese?


John M.

Jhon my two have same hedstamps on the base

About TER bullet = Total Encapsulated Reverse


O.K. Thanks for the drawing and the explanation of the initials.

I thought you were talking about my cartridge having the same headstamp as yours. My mistake. I am sorry about that.