Nevins 38 Special


I have a single round without a box. Anyone knows anything about this company? I never saw the name before.


Yes this has been done before, search back. There was a Mr Nevins who owned a small ammo company based in Boise Idaho in the 1980s. Cases are probably Starline, basically a little reloading outfit that did a little better than most and got their name on the case.


The NEVINS Cartridge Company was in business for the first half of the 1980s, roughly, and folded in the second half of that decade. I have heard they went out in 1987, but have never seen confirmation of that. They were located at 7614 Lemhi, Suite 1, Boise, Idaho 83709.

Their product line include Caset lead bullets in 38/357, 9mm, ./45 and .44 Magnum, new unprimed empty cases, NEVIN headstamp, in .38 Special, .357 Magnum, 9 MM and .45 ACP, and loaded ammunition in those four calibers as well. The also sold remanufactured (reloaded) ammunition in .38 Special, have two loads in that line. In their normal line of new ammunition, they had their own headstamp in all four calibers. There were five .38 Special loads, one of which was rated +P. I don’t know if they had a NEVINS .38 Special +P headstamp or not. There were three loads in .357 Magnum, three in 9 MM Luger and three in .45 ACP.

The print of the headstamps and the red primer seal look to me like Winchester provided the brass, but I am not sure of that. They printed at least one little catalog, one sheet folded over to make a four page brochure, but it is undated.

Aside from the loads, which are a normal run of bullet weights and styles for the calibers produced, I have no other information on them. Their boxes were in Black and Gold as the basic colors, and all I have seen are for fifty rounds.

Hope this is of some help.