New 2018 .284 Winchester headstamps

I recently received 3 boxes of Winchester 150gr Power-Point in .284 Winchester. This is one of those calibers which they produce sporadically, not even seasonally since they seem to have multiple years in between production runs. I noticed that in these boxes, around 90% of the headstamps are a consistent skinny letter style, and then a limited few were much fatter letters, and a different headstamp altogether when you look closely at the numbers 284, especially the 4. Also, it is difficult to see, but the 2 on the skinny-letter version has more of a downward hook on the top of the digit, whereas the fatter version is more flat. Seems strange for what is no doubt a very limited short run.


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Winchester has been odd (for a nice word) for years, this looks to me, that they may are using left over brass for a very small run and sold it, at very high prices to a few wholesalers. I pasted on it as the cost was very high and I had older stock. I believe it is only a matter of time before Starline offers the brass and many small ammunition producers will offer it. I hope.

I hope Starline also offers .225 and .348 Winchester since those are hard to find calibers, but there seems plenty of old guns around for it.

And 351 WSL, and 32-40Win. :-)