New 375/50BMG Wildcat by a IAA member

This is the extra long version of the 375/50BMG, as this cartridge the (375/50BMG XL) has a 3.72" long case and different shoulder angle then the original 375/50BMG. Made from a 50 BMG (Browning Machine Gun) cartridge: the larger cartridge in the picture on the right. The 375/50 BMG "XL"and is being developed by retired United States Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant, Steve “Gunny” Schank, of "Gunny’s Custom Bullet,
and new member to the IAA

Specimens available at:
Dave Call.
PS: YES IT IS A REAL CARTRIDGE & PHOTO, only the background has been colored out to show the cartridge better., Thanks again, Dave

Is this for real? It can be clearly seen that the white-tipped bullet and corresponding case neck has been pasted (and reduced?) from another photograph.

There is already a rifle so chambered around . The white tipped bullet is a nosler accubond ( according to me)

Here is a picture of the round, the headstamp is L C 8 9

skip talbot gone now but years back made one of these an perfected it also you can look back in the cotw book few issues back an find it also april shoot knob creek 1 both had 2 or 3 barrels ready for your 50 in this cal an had brass ann had a special complete form reload die set to help you load these just my 2 cts worth g

I have a couple of different ones given to me by shooters. One is loaded with a bore-rider solid, the other with a soft point. More than one shooter, besides Skip, tried this. Called by various names. The coolest name is the .375 MACH V, which is an obvious exaggeration, but a neat name none-the-less.


Sorry for the late reply, I never got a notice e-mail on your question.
Yes the photo and cartridge are real, I took the phote, only doctoring is coloring out the background. They are very real, Thanks, Dave Call