New 4 Bore cartridge value?

Is 150$ too much for a newly manufactured 4 Bore cartridge with a brass projectile and “4” engraved headstamp? Manufactured for Weapon built by Craig Clintworth

I would pass on it, I’d much rather have an original period shell, But that’s just me.

i remember the “old time”
newly manufacture 4 bore ,brass case and lead “bullet” for less than 20E (23$)
i don’t know if the cartridge has been headstamped

150 Dollars??? lol !

I think ctges collectors are getting crazy.
Perhaps due to covid ??

Was the 4 bore ever delivered with anything but a lead ball?

I feel the man is selling a cow with three tits, but thats just me?

on the picture on an old gun magasine i remember the “bullet” is dark grey so i suppose that is lead
remember that is a “new” making ,not the original (i don’t know the original round)