New 5.56mm ammunition for LSAT Light Machine Gun?

“The LSAT actually comes in two versions. One uses ammo using a non-metal, telescoped case, and the other uses caseless ammo. The telescoped ammo is ready for use now while the caseless stuff is still in development.” … 1-2012.asp

More info, including some not very detailed photos of ammo here: … pound-lmg/

More details on the ammo, please?

A couple of photos of LSAT ammo from my web article on the history of assault rifles and their ammunition:

The first photo shows conventional 5.56x45 ammo on the left, caseless-telescoped LSAT in the centre and plastic cased-telescoped LSAT on the right:

The next photo shows the caseless LSAT along with the three generations of plastic cased: Spiral 1 (top right); Spiral 2 (middle) and Spiral 3 (bottom).

The latest version of the Spiral 3 differs in having a transparent brown plastic body. The dimensions are as follows: length 39.6mm; body diameter 11.7mm; neck diameter 11.8mm. Each round weighs 8.3 grams.

Do folks have these fired cases in their collections yet?

I may bring some of the “brownish” fired cases to SLICS to trade around…was not too sure if they have “hit the market” as yet?