New 5.56mm and 9mm round for Canadian Police

The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) recently issued the C8 patrol carbine at the detachment level.

Here is a sample round, box and stripper clip. This round is not from the box (an earlier lot, but haven’t seen the box).



Is that the one using Varget propulsive ??

Hi Galep,

Good question. I will find out what powder is used.


Hi Galep,

The powder being used is manufactured by St. Marks. The projectiles being used are commercially sourced and the ones used in the first lot were manufactured by Berger.



Tank you for getting the info;

Just my grain of salt…This would be the first lot I would believed.

Lepine 556 Lot #01

Case IVI 06H1405, bullet Sierra, #1380, 69gr HPBT Matchking, Powder Varget (ADI…) C.O.A.L. 2.260’’

(The work with ADI gun powder and Sierra 77gr HPBT Match was never sold)

Berger bullet for a C-8 ??? seem to be a very curious choice

An update to this thread…

This is the training ammunition that has been issued at the detachment level.






I wish we could afford to issue Gold Dot as practice ammo! Nice.

New to me is this IVI manufactured 64gr bonded projectile load. Headstamp is ⊕ IVI 15



This resembles the 5.56 x 45mm Winchester LE Ranger, RA556B, loaded with the Nosler 64 grain bonded solid base bullet.


Thanks Brian. I’ll section one and post the results.


As it relates to the RCMP, here is the 9mm that is issued for training. Interesting the box is only printed in English!



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Oh Lord, another new 9 mm Headstamp. Guess none of these
show up!

John Moss

What stands RNFP for? Round Nose Flat Point???


You are correct!!!

Round nose flat point.


I hope you bring some of these rounds to SLICS in the Spring???


Paul, I reload that bullet. It is the Nosler bonded solid base. You can tell it is a Nosler and not a gold dot because it has a jacket rather than plating. The Canadians made a good choice there. It has great penetration for a 556. About 18 inches in calibrated gelatin. Over 2950 fps from a 20 inch barrel.

Thanks Andrew.

I understand that ERT used this round, but they have gone to .300 Blk and this ammunition was sent down to the detachment level as training ammunition.


Do you know when ERT replaced 556 w Blackout?
And what bullet they use?

Hi Andrew,

I think it depends on the Province. In British Columbia it was ca. 2013. Here in Alberta it was probably later.

I’ve never seen a box so don’t know exactly which bullet, but sub-sonic. The cases are headstamped BARNES .300 BLK


Thanks Paul,

I had no idea they transitioned to 30 caliber so long ago.

Here is link to Barnes website for the 300 BO. More likely than not they
selected the popular 110 grain bullet. Since it is copper rather than
jacketed lead, it takes up alot of room in the small case. this is widely
used in US for home defense, deer and pig hunting.

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