New .50 cal limited-range projectile patent


News article…self explanatory

'No" I don’t have a sample “yet” :)…but Paul Smith can section it when I get one


A pyrotechnic element (tracer) which, after a given burn time, triggers a reactive material (black powder pill) that causes the bullet to deform or disintegrate after a given time of flight (600-700m distance) to reduce the range. That is the exact description how WW2 7.9 mm Luftwaffe training ammunition “SmK Üb m Zerl” worked. What is new about this?


Yep, self destroying projectiles have been around since before WWII, so what is new about this?


My thoughts exactly when I read this in the news…



Aside from the design’s novelty or lack thereof, I have to wonder about whether there is much practical need for a bullet such as this. Seems like it’s the answer to a question that no one asked.