New 50mm AFV/Bradley cannon

We just discussed this and Pepper had shown displays. Can’t find the link, but here it is firing


Ok, now I am curious!
The 30x113B shown there as “chain gun ammunition” is belted in ADEN/DEFA links.
So it is not for the M230 (chain gun).
Which US gun in 30x113B is using belted ammo?

Another video.

Of note, this “Kingman” range is where they hold the Big Sandy Machinegun shoots. I was out there spring 2 years ago for the shoot and they had just done the demo for the 40mm version of this out there. You could see some big holes the targets.

Here’s another video he has

but it’s not using linked ammo either.

Alex, NGC’s brochure for the M230LF says “Other features include… and a delinking feeder that allows the use of linked ammunition.” See page 2 here:

Could this be what is shown in the photo of the linked 30x113B?

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From Northrop Grumman Co.-

40x180mm & 50x228mm fired empty casings, NGCo.-

30 mm M230LF Link Fed Chain Gun for ADEN, DEFA, M788, M789 Ammunition Types. ATK 2012.pdf (379.7 KB)

Telescopic metal cases?


Yes, the gun is the M230LF in which LF means Link Fed. The gun also has a longer barrel than the regular M230, and is intended for mounting on vehicles, with various remote-controlled weapon stations being offered.

No, they are just straight cases, otherwise conventional. The 40 x 180 is for the Super 40 AFV gun, basically uses a Bushmaster II with the case necked-up from 30 x 173. The 50 x 228 is for the Super 50 AFV gun, basically uses a Bushmaster III with the case necked-up from 35 x 228 to 50 mm.

There was a much earlier 50mm Supershot from Rheinmetall which died in the 1990s, and consisted of the 35 mm case necked out and lengthened to 330 mm.

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Thanks Tony.
Part of me wonders why they don’t buy into the British telescopic 40 mm.



The 40x180mm & 50x228mm fired cases shown in the photos I posted above are from the Northrop Grumman firing demonstration held at Kingman, Arizona earlier this year.

Actually the 40x180mm case is 39x180mm, this was done to help with fired case extraction problems.


Thank you for reminding me of the “LF” variant. Saw it before and forgot about.

I always wondered why the 30x113B ADEN/DEFA/M230 was not used in this role long ago.
Many years ago I read an article on the Soviet-Afghan war where they had shown a T-55 with an ADEN/DEFA mounted on top of the turret. Since then the question was on my mind.

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Not just yours, it seems:

Designed for Turret, Remote Weapon Mount and Naval installations, VENOM is compatible with NATO standard ADEN/DEFA 30 x 113mm ammunition as well as M788 and M789 variants.

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Tony, thanks a lot for the link!

It seems this company is refurbishing and re-purposing different obsolete and surplus weapons.

Oh, they’re doing a lot more than that. They started out making barrels, and now make complete guns. They have modified the designs of the guns they offer and even did some development work on a new design a couple of years ago (although this is not now listed on their website). Run the cursor over the blue band where it says Air, Sea and Land and you will see their products displayed.

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