New 600 nitro


The 600 NITRO is being made again in England and being sold in original KYNOCH boxes. Those on the left are orginal KYNOCH product. Those on the RIGHT are the new manufacture.


Are you certain they are actually being made in England?


Yes and they are being marketed by a firm in the Northeast. I ran this all down when I bought these 2 boxes a year or so ago but didn’t keep the info because I don’t collect commercial ammo-just could not pass up boxes of “orignal 600 NITRO” at the price. Collectors are always looking for these. It was not hard to research and the British sport ammo collectors know the firm. They bought the Kynoch rights. FALCON should turn it up today.

It is my understanding that they have also been made in the US and elsewhere but the use of ORIGINAL Kynoch boxes caught my attention.


Before the general demise of the original Kynoch, some of their ammo was made in Sweden by Norma. I have at least one auto pistol-caliber Kynoch box in my collection with “made in Sweden” or words to that effect, on it.


The use of original boxes is odd (where did they find that many, and where can I get one!) and they are made in England:

There is a lot of information under the “General information on Kynamco Ltd.” link. This is the intro:

“Since re-introducing the ‘KYNOCH’ brand of Nitro-Express Cartridges, Kynamco Limited have maintained the quality and reliability standards that made ‘KYNOCH’ the most respected name in Sporting Ammunition for over 100 years, in association with Eley Limited, who have carried the oldest and most prestigious name in ammunition manufacturing for over 160 years.”

Here is a plonk of a NEW box of 577/450s I picked up several years ago.

I Notice that the address, tel, and fax numbers on the box do not match the ones on the web site, but if memory serves I picked this up shortly after they started production. I had intended to shoot it, but…


I have some of these boxes with their original cases. I was given mine by the Rifle regulator at the Holland & holand shooting grounds which is near where I live, when I went up these to see what I could blag.

The boxes I have are for .500 Nitro Express 3", .500 Jeffery and .577 Nitro Express 3". However, these look like they are newly manufactured to look like the originals. As they have the usual keep out of reach of children and lead exposure warnings. I also have an empty case of the Newly made Kynoch .600 CSAEOD pictured, also from Holland & Holland.

The address my boxes give is:

Kynamco Ltd.
The Old Railway Station
IP28 7DT

It also gives the phone number: 01638 711799. However, there are no e-mail or web addresses, so I suspect the boxes were probably made before year 2000. It also says on the rear of the box “KYNOCH is a Trade Mark of Eley Ltd, Birmingham, England”.


That’s right KYNAMCO made(makes?) these . I have seen their ammo in both the old and their new KYNOCH boxes. No idea what they got when they bought the KYNOCH Assets. Maybe they had a warehouse full of boxes.
The NEW KYNOCH boxes do not have the original dividers seen in the photo.

I have only seen these in 600 and 577/450 but understand there are others. Their distributor in the US has all of this stuff. Don’t remember their name but they sell high end shotguns and double rifles and are located in the Northeast.

The ammo is obviously NOT the original KYNOCH production. I bought these boxes at auction-on line and did not know the story until they were delivered and I started asking about.


"The use of original boxes is odd (where did they find that many, and where can I get one!) and they are made in England: " Hey! buy mine !

This stuff has been sold in the new and old boxes. They may list their US distributor on their web site - I think that is where I was refered. You might ask them to check the boxes and sell you an orginal if they have any left. They may,but this stuff has been sold now for some time. Good luck!

Both boxes have the same back panel.


All three of my boxes have the old style dividers as shown in the box on the left in thel photo in your first post. I could try contacting them about original boxes, but they would likely quote me high prices. Two of these boxes have five empty cases, bar the .500 Jeffery which has 4. I (very foolishly, I was a new collector) polished two of the .500 Jeffery empties when I got them in 2004, and locating another 3 to go with the undamaged 2 in the 5 round box would not be easy. I could try contacting Holland & Holland again, but I think so few people own the .500 Jeffery that locating 3 fired empties with matching stamps would be difficult.


If they are a local call- ask if they got original materials when they bougth the rights.


I could call or email, telling them I’m doing research on behalf of the International Ammunition Association.


You never can tell who will co-operate. Good luck.

You might mention that you are looking for info. about them for the IAA FORUM. Everybody likes free advertising.


Remind me in 2 weeks time, I have 2 weeks of national tests at school starting tomorrow, so will be too busy. But after that I have 2 months+ break, I will have plenty of time then.


Good luck


Made in England? What was made in England? I think the new .600 Nitro’s might have been assembled in England - but I don’t think any of the components or propellant was ‘made in England’. (most likely Germany or Australia) Maybe the box was ‘made in England’? You could say a cartridge assembled in England is ‘made in England’. As a collector of ‘British Sporting Rifle Ammo’ this is a issue which exercises me greatly.
Which brings me to John mentioning that a lot of late Kynoch ammo was ‘made in Sweden’. During the late 1960’s Kynoch imported components from Norma, that is primed ‘Boxer’ cases with nickel primers and bullets. The Norma components were usually loaded with British (Nobel) powders. But of course it’s wasn’t that straightforward either!! Sometimes Kynoch bullets were used in Norma cases, sometimes Norma bullets were loaded in Kynoch cases and sometimes Norma bullets were loaded into Norma cases!!! So the term ‘Made in England’ has always been problematic for us British ammo collectors.
I admit to avoiding the issue…by sticking to pre-1970 production before the old Kynoch shut down.


Good luck figuring that out ! Bottom line- these are not the classic original KYNOCH rounds and should not be sold in the boxes made for those loads. As you see from my photos both types of ammo were in identical ORIGINAL Kynoch boxes not the new remarked ones. This mean nothing to shooters but it does to us.


I finished my national tests on Thursday, so will try and get onto Kynoch soon about these boxes.