New "7.62mm NATO" Headstamp


When I was just browsing through eBay (search for “Inert”), I noticed a new NATO headstamp: “NWTM 2oz 999 AG” which stands for NorthWest Territories Mint 2 ounces .999 Silver. This is on what appears to be a pure silver replica of a 7.62x51 NATO cartridge being offered for sale. I wonder what other rounds they make.


After reading Mel’s posting, I went too the Northwest Territories Mint site and found the following info regarding “bullion cartridges”.
Along with the 7.62x51 2 oz. bullion weight cartridge there is also the following items.
.45ACP 1oz. wt., .50BMG 10oz. wt. and 20mm 25oz. wt. of . silver 999


What a relief! No 9x19mm.

Still John Moss will need the 45ACP!


Yes, Lew - I need the .45. Actually, I thought you were buying me a full box of ten of them in recognition of my gran pissaanteness (there is no limit to what the insane mind can do with any given word!). : )

Yes, I will buy one of these. The price is really not bad in relation to the value of silver on the market right now. Much better than the little bar of silver I got some time ago on ebay impressed with a rather good image of a Russian Makarov Pistol and so titled on the bar. Least anyone think that is the lowest I have sunk in Makarov collecting, I just bought a Makarov refrigerator magnet for 99 cents on eBay.

Hey, who are those guys in white coats coming into my house? What a weird looking jacket they are carrying!

By the way, Lew, when I order the .45, I will ask them if they are going to make 9 mm Luger next.


Many Thanks John! Misery loves company and so does insanity!!!