New 7.62x51 headstamp for Saltech (Switzerland)


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IMG_5324 IMG_5323

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Paul, thanks a lot! Great info!



Are these intended for cattle?


LOL, shooting “Oxes” could be a good use!


Has anyone actually seen in person the cartridge/ headstamp shown in the photo above? Or is the photo from online or from a brochure?



The package, the headstamp and the cartridges exists exact like shown in the pics from Paul.


Back to the forum. Thanks Paul for your help.
Brian, I have that package and will bring it to SLICS.
As SALTECH is just selling and not producing ctgs, I don’t know the real manufacturer. Any help appreciated.


also Saltech cartridges


check out there website


The 7.5 they are selling have PPU made cases supplied through Arex in Slovenia.




Harrie, is known who made these cases?


Yes they have there own ammunition factory in Däniken Switserland and they make 6 different models12,7 and .308 for this moment.


Harrie, they are actually not making the cases.


Yes they making the cases at that factory…
100% because I know a collector and his friend works at the machine for the cases in that factory


That is a bit strange as I was told by somebody with very good insight that they are assembling at best.
Why it was discussed? Because of the questionable quality of Saltech products.


The last headstamp exist in at least three different bunter variations, or maybe more. You can find them mixed in Saltech boxes with different lots made in 2018.


That speaks for different manufacturers of the cases no?


As one of the family members have private relations to IGMAN, I think, all parts are coming from there.
On the first pics from the grenade drivers, its obvious, that this cases where made by IGMAN
The later ones are questionable, as the headstamps look odd…
They tried to establish a new factory in LAHR Germany, but lost the battle against the church and good-douing people.
In german a link here:



Peter, the AREX folks confirmed the 7.5mm cases came from PPU. But I do not know if later deliveries came from Igman.
The .50 cases Saaltech used were also Igman.