New 7mm Penna developments


I’ve just recently noticed that the 7mm Penna is now chambered in a couple STI pistols. One is a compact pocket type pistol called the Nemesis, and another is a large frame gun which will apparently hold 26rds. This info came from SHOT show 2010 and there are mentions of it here: Another article mentions Fiocchi’s production of the cartridge and is described as having “IPSC in mind”:
This Fiocchi loading has the headstamp shown here at Municion:


Interesting. Any news on the longer-cased 7x28? The Penna website includes bullet and performance data but I’ve seen no sign of a gun chambered in it.


I have a sample of the Fiocchi -made cases .Here is the box .

A new aluminium bullet is also used

These cartridges are sold through Penna anyway since they use Fiocchi components but are LOADED BY PENNA / QS MECCANICA

I have no news about the longer 7 mm Penna


Anyway , the “IPSC in mind” phrase is incorrect . Leonardo Penna has always said that his line of cartridges was primarly intended for LAW / military enforcement , not sporting use


The IPSC comment was probably just assumed since STI full size pistols are high grade and they do have some custom & stock competition models.


Even if the 7mm Penna was powerful enough to make Minor Power Factor, it still would not be a legal IPSC cartridge due to the sub-9mm projectile.


A good point Dan. It never ceases to amaze me the things that make it into print. I just hope I’m not that guy! I probably have a few mistakes in my book though.