New 9mm belt links

For the link collectors - this new 9x19 belt-fed AR upper from Freedom Ordnance which comes standard with a 150rd belt:

The links are sold separately here:

I would love some but I dont need a 1000, if anyone would like to share I would like a few hundred I would be happy to split the cost’s



This thing looks like an absolute pain in the a… to reload. What were they thinking designing the chute like that?

I would be interested in getting a few of these links, but not 1,000 :)


I orderd a bag off 1000 pieces

I will have them end off march in NL



I orderd a bag off 1000 pieces

I will have them end off march in NL


I wouldn’t mind 20 of them if you’ll have that many extra.


Yes, Ide like a 15-20pcs of them to. Give me a PM when you get them :)

If the links are here I will PM you
and you can also pick them up at a ECRA show!

best regards

USA Members:
I placed an order for 1000 links. PM me if you would be interested in a split or just a few.
I am looking for Stoner links if you want to work a swap.

Curtis Fallon Laws

Is the manufacturer allowed to ship these overseas with the ITAR regulations?

Although they are not actually a US military issue item, I know that these regulations cause problems with all sorts of items. A few that I know of:

Another collector I know in the UK tried to buy a folding stock for a non-US rifle from the USA. They were told that the seller wasn’t allowed to ship it out of the country because of these regulations. This part is not a legally restricted item in the UK

I also read similar on a Canadian gun forum about M1/M2 carbine folding stocks. Apparently US sellers can ship the regular wood stocks to Canada, but the ITAR regulations don’t allow the folding stocks out of the USA.

I bought a thousand links…I only have 950 left.

Assuming ITAR does not prohibit export, anyone willing to sell 5 (can’t have more than 5 in a single linked belt, because y’know, evil may ensue) and mail to me in Canada? Might be more hassle than its worth, but no harm in asking.

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I’m delighted XPH2USN posted here. It got me thinking and I decided to take the plunge and buy one of these guns. Now my wife’s next husband can get rid of my collection in no time at all!

I’ve lusted after this gun since I first saw this thread. My birthday was last week, so I declared this a late birthday present! My box collection is going to get a lot lighter!!!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread.


…Imagining the scornful gaze when said wife ventures downstairs only to find the grandchildren put to work tediously loading 150rd 9mm belts.

They are sweet girls and will be glad to do this for their “Poppy”…I hope.

These links are interesting to me. The only other belt fed 9mmL weapon I know of is an experimental, belt fed German, probably Erma MP designed for use in a tank. I wrote an article on this in the IAA Journal a few years ago with a photo of the gun. Only one gun is known, and now in the collection of an Englishman in Switzerland. The gun was once owned by the US Army at Aberdeen and is documented there. I think Sam Cummings liberated it because he once had about a foot of the belt. The gun now has about a foot of belt. Sam gave links away and my 4 links came from Val Forgett. I previously had one link which I gave to a friend when I got the four. The remainder of the belt, 8 or 9 inches were liberated from Sam’s desk by a friend without his permission and after passing through a few hands are in the collection of an advanced belt/clip collector in Europe.

About 10 years ago, I bought a belt of 9mm cartridges on an auction. They weren’t expensive. Turns out that 9mm Luger cartridges fit just fine in a 5.56mm disintegrating link belt.

Does anyone know of any other examples of a 9mmP link fed firearm or belt???