New 9mm Luger head stamp - PEW

Hello guys,
especially for 9x19 collectors - I would like to inform you about the new head stamp used since summer by Limit factory (Zlin) for particular customers. LZ head stamp is still in use; packing being done to the standard Limit boxes. These cartridges are loaded with all 4 kinds of manufactured FMJ bullets (124grs brass/CWS or 139 brass/CWS). I was shooting one of the first case batch from my MP5 at that time…sry for the delay in posting - quite busy during last few months.

PEW 9x19 HS

PEW 9x19

…for any agnostic Thomas …here is the bunted No.1 before started using that.

PEW bunter


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Wonderful headstamp. Thanks for posting it. I look forward to hearing more of story, perhaps at SLICS.

Many thanks!