NEW 9x19 Dutch Police ammo

Like to show the NEW ammo for the Dutch police
Action NP and made by RUAG
headstamp DAG SX A 9x19 NP 10

The color really fits :)

the color tip look like “extreme shock” ammo (orange plastic

The Extreme Shock uses round nose plugs as opposed to the Action cartridge’s plug that all the way down into the HP cavity.

Gyrojet, thanks for posting that great pic.

Gyrojet, Great item. I have seen DAG SX AA 9X19NP 09 but not the 10 date.

I was told in the spring of 2009 that this load (with the 09 headstamp) had failed qualification testing. Has it now been accepted or are these cartridges left over from the qualification tests? Or, am I all screwed up again and the story is something totally different. It sounds like they are now in use. Does anyone know why they failed qualification, if in fact they did.

Anyway, great item and great box.



FYI…these are the examples I have (along with Paul Smith’s handy work)…I am game for any I am missing that might show up at SLICS !!

Show a photo of the headstamp please.


Found yesterday 3 new lot numbers
Lot DAG-K-10

Lot DAG-H-10

Lot DAG-N-10

Here a box with the mandatory Explosive sign on the boxes by the REACH-Agreement

The sign on the side:

The sign on the other endflap is: POLITIE

The ammo itself: (Lot Q-15)

Have fun

Here are the unfired projectile and a fired one that hit something.

20180830_001655 20180830_001728 20180830_001734