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Some new additions to the collection.



Excellent specimen I see there!
Any chance for more and better images of your submunitions?

A readable version of the info flyer from AAI would be great.

Uhm… Star Wars used mostly pulse weapons, no ammo…


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Hmm, didn’t they also use C-96 Mauser pistols?

A C-96 was used as the basis for the modification to the “Blaster”, (carried by Han Solo, I believe).
They also used P-08, Brit SMGs’, Calico, MG34 & MG43, and a slew of others, but, for the movie they were plasma or laser weapons using a power pack, not cartridges.
More than a few were converted to blank firing so there was a flash coming from the muzzle that was incorporated into the CGI for the plasma bolt…

Ah, yes, that I remember.
As we see, cool design is prevailing… :grin:

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Always loved the broom handle!

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In a few scenes of the original Star Wars movie, if you look very close, you can see the fired 9x19mm blank cartridges rolling around on the floor after being fired from the modified Sterling SMGs.

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yes i see this “detail” ,at one moment you can see these casings eject out of these guns (yes hard to see but you see these)

Also, in the scene of Leia firing across the void before jumping off on a grappling wire, you can hear the sound of the blanks before and after the Zaps of the Laser fire.
CGI Miscue?
All throughout the series, Sterlings, MP44s etc were Blank Fired; the heavier MGs ( Lewis, MG34), were not ( just CGI).
Doc AV

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