New (?) AMA 9 mm

This turned up at a range in Jutland, north of the Limfjord channel:

The place might explain why I haven’t heard of it yet. (I live in the other end of the country.) Anyone have more on this? Expal must either have bought 9mm tools for their machinery or have had them made with their headstamp. The case was picked up in the last few weeks. FNB has been the preferred contractor for defense procured 9mm the last 10 years.
Not my picture, but permission to use it has been secured.

WOW!!! Great new item! Never seen before.

Many thanks!

Recently picked up a Danish drill/dummy box and have a question but will post it as a new thread!


Hi Soren, could this be an Igman product?

The headstamp of the AMA 10 5,56 blank look allmost as same. The AMA 10 5,56 blank has also a new shape and a new primer compared to the older version.