New Ammunition - beginner question

I am collecting ammo mostly to learn about therounds that are fired from guns I am interested. However; I am getting interested in the variation in ammo itself.
As a beginner I can build by buying vintage rounds. What I was wondering is where can one get modern/new ammunition. Buying it new by the box isnt to hard but all I want is a couple examples. Is there a good source/dealer of modern ammo?


Hello Alex. There is a sticky thread at the top of the General Discussion area that describes places to purchase collector ammo, some of them sell new singles: Ammo-One and are known for selling some new cartridges. Some collectors also keep lists of available cartridges they have and could email you.

Welcome Alex to collecting ammunition & to the IAA forum.

Make two lists. One of the cartridges you have and another of what you know you are looking for. This will help prevent you from buying duplicates. Your want list can also be circulated to sellers if the don’t have or “do” lists you can buy from. And if you run across something new you can add it to either list.

Not to scare you off but if you specialize in one field (say rim fire, or military, or sporting or auto pistol or revolvers, or wildcats, or ?) you can easily find things you did not have on your lists, and different loading’s of things on your lists (shot, tracer, proof, blank & so on) so be prepared to set a limit or not set a limit. (storage / display space figures here too)

You will also find monetary limits in every field as some case types or perhaps variations are quite rare (perhaps only 5 are known?) or just ‘sexy’ so everyone wants one but only a limited number exist to drive up the price.

Also buy books, these will tell you some of what it out there and alert you to what you are looking at when you do come across it by adding it to your want list. Or not adding it and then knowing what it is but that it didn’t meet your collection criteria.

Cartridge shows are a great place to find all kinds of ammunition. The SLICS is the largest but shows are held around the country (USA) various times of the year.

Good collecting & again, welcome

Good sources for one or two specimens of modern cartridges are gun shows and garage sales. Also, if you have a “Thrifty Nickel” or similar type of small advertizing paper, you can often find listings of small collections.

If you have not done so already, get a copy of Cartridges Of The World (COTW). Almost any edition will do for a start. It’s almost a necessity for any beginning collector, no matter what specialty he is interested in.

Good Luck


I have cartridges of the world. It has been useful.
My introduction to guns was the Mosin. I heard all sorts of awful things about the inaccuracy of the chambers and in looking at it the 7.62x54R went thru changes during the mosins growth. So in addition to all the rounds I buy so that I understand what they are when looking at guns I am also trying to build a collection of 7.62x54R to understand the development of this round. I am not terribly interested in various head stamps but I am interested in variations in the size shoulder position etc.
I know it is not a sexy round to collect but it will answer some of my curiosity questions as I gather them together. AND it might make a nice story when combined with rifles.


Go for any & all of the Imperial variations (Czarist) which were the round nosed bullet. There was an AP, I think two gallery variations & blanks. Most all(?) have the rounded head and raised Cyrillic headstamp.

Sure it will make a nice story, after all, without cartridges a gun is just an unwieldy club or something to hang a bayonet on.

I know it is not a sexy round to collect but it will answer some of my curiosity questions as I gather them together. AND it might make a nice story when combined with rifles.

That’s until you get to experimental variations, like multi-ball or FSDS, or variety of early AP versions ;)