New and innovative use of fired ammo

My kids’ trampoline broke, and I needed a thimble to fix its thick polymer tarp. Guess what I used? Inverted fired 7.62x39, sorry, don’t remember which factory. Here is the proof.

Bravo! I have used fired brass cases for a varity of uses over the years and will probably find more uses for them in the future…


  • The mouth or the head of a fired cartridge shell case made of BRASS can be used very well to clean small freckles of rust, especially when the rusted steel area has flutes or fullers [for example the cruciform or triangular blade of an old socket bayonet]. The brass is much softer than the steel and no markings will be left on the cleaned surface. => A fired cartridge shell case can be used to keep in a perfect position a loaded round [of the same caliber] with the head up in order to take a good photo of the headstamp markings. => Fired cartridge shell cases having an approximate cylindrical shape [.32 / 7.65X17, 9X19, .380 / 9X17, etc.] are very good to cover the right size hole from a piece of wood. => The 37X94R Hotchkiss fired brass shell cases are perfect to be used as pencil holders on a table. => With little imagination, the fired shell cases may be used in many ways. Liviu 05/11/09

While I no longer have the cabinet, because it was made of the wrong wood and turned lead bullet tips to frost almost overnight, despite five coats of lacquer in and out, I had a 15 drawer cabinet with all of the drawer pulls the bottom half of fired rifle cases. Very attractive. Great for the subject matter held in the drawers. I have some sort of big old artillery shell holding cleaning rods next to my work bench in the garage.

I use a variety of fired big-bore cases to store rolled up maps. Works great!

We lost the plug for the airbed I use when I camp at Bisley so an unfired Mk7 .303 bullet has been pressed into service and works perfectly.

I know of someone who makes walking sticks and uses a brass case for the ferrule.

The ramrod on my muzzle loader has a tip made from an old cartridge.

Accuracy and cleanliness go hand-in-hand so Benchrest shooters usually have two cleaning rods for each rifle. How do we lug around all those long, one-piece rods? In a piece of rigid PVC tube of course. At the handle end of each rod you glue on a cut-off empty case of the correct diameter to be a snug fit in the end of the tube. Here’s one in the tube and one withdrawn to show the case. And yes, the colors mean something. Black for a wire brush and red for a jag.

Need a powder funnel that fits inside a case mouth? Buy an aluminum kitchen funnel. Make inserts from fired cases, one for each caliber. Voila!

Vlad, you need to make a color adjustment on your photos. Everything looks green!


Vlad - don’t pay any attention to Ray. He lives in a state where there is not green, except for the money! Well, come to think of it, I guess all those great big cactus plants are green. But he’s not used to seeing grass. (I wish I lived there, though!!!)

: ) : ) : )

Ray, sorry, not much I can do about green stuff on the ground, you know, “New York” means “A Lot Of Water” in old Dutch, just like “Arizona” is “Arid Zona” in old Spanish.

We used to take fired 12 Gauge shells and fill them with wax and a wick to make fire starters and survival candles.



Just curious, what caliber is the adaptor you show on your Dewey rod. I’m sure it is an obscure wildcat and has some exotic name (animal, vegetable?)

And yes, New York can be very green. As a matter of fact, if I don’t keep up on mowing my front lawn, all sorts of critters show up to help…

(There was a third buck (7 pointer) with them not in this picture!)



I made those cleaning rod adaptors a long time ago but I believe they were a 22-250. From the looks of the shoulder angle, probably an improved version, so they are wildcats.

I’ll let all you guys continue to picture Arizona as a vast wasteland. Guys like Pete, Chip, Phil, and me don’t want our secret to get out otherwise we’d be up to our bottom lip in people. ;) ;)


Ray, always new bench rest shooters were different. You have never learned the jingle “righty tighty, lefty loosy” so you can’t remove and replace a brush and a jag on the same cleaning rod! Am guessing your “guides” are a chamber guide for the cleaning rod. Maybe you should round up a dozen Peccary to send to Dave and Vlad to keep the 4 footed lawn mowers at bay.


Fixing a nozzle, made from a cut off .30-06 case, to a plastic funnel makes filling muzzle loading powder flasks a doddle. Simply unscrew the measure/nozzle from your flask, insert the case neck into the threaded hole to hold the shutter open and pour the powder in.

I haven’t yet worked out how to know when the flask is full so an occasional small spillage happens!


Very cool and creative! I made fan speed pull chains out 20mm inert rounds. Totally sucked when a tall person came over and shwacked there heads so I took them down. They were cool though :-)

I always wanted to go rattlesnake catching in AZ. So many cool species live there. Plus, Arizona is home to possibly the largest projectile ever to exist on the planet, METEOR CRATER! Ray send me some cactus! My tortoises go crazy for them :-) Haha.

Whale Island was built in Portsmouth Harhour, Hampshire, England, using spoil from digging out the big docks in Her Majesty’s Dockyard. The Royal Navy used Whale Island initially as a shore training ground. The first building erected was a flush toilet, named “The House that Jack Built”. The Pull handles for the toilets were 37mm projectiles. One of these was on display in the Whale Island museum in the 1960’s.


I just had to do it

Here are two here in our football training room.

The small callous razor kept walking away…so I attached at 20 m/m shell…no more problems (this small razor does not have the eye screw in the properly seated in the handle for this photo)…but you get the idea

My team MD…does his dictation after his exams. He knows to find his micro cassette recorder on my desk in the “75 MM shell” (I added some medical tubing as padding around the rim)…(there is no head stamp markings)…is this case normally this short?..or is it cut down ?

Another w/o a photo…one was a joke on a football player who kept getting penalties for hitting an opponent on the facemask (