New AP cartridge in Iraq?

A friend of mine linked an article to me about a new generation of US made body armor that was being designed to counter a “new type” of AP cartridge that had not been encountered (by US troops) in Iraq before. Unfortunately, no more details were given. I do know from reading about other types of body armor that even though they were being proofed against the standard US AP cartridges like the .30-06 M-2 and 7.62x51mm M-61, it was discovered that the standard Soviet 7.62x54r API would sometmes defeat the armor due to it’s greater velocity. I am wondering of this is what the article was referring to or if there really is “something new” out there. I suspect that some of the relatively new Russian AP or AP-T “Sniper” ammunition has found it’s way to Iraqi insurgents recently? Can anyone confirm this? Any other ideas?


I think that all current Russian AP production is steel-cored, but the Chinese are still making the tungsten-cored BS40 - and Nammo are making a tungsten AP in 7.62x54R also. Other things being equal, tungsten alloy steps up the penetration by about 50% over hard steel.

NAMMO’s AP performance numbers:
7.62x39mm AP will defeat 12mm of RHA@100M.
7.62x51mm AP (U.S. M993) will defeat 18mm of RHA@100M.
7.62x54R AP will defeat 22mm of RHA@100M.