New AR-15 Cartridge, 6.5 CREEDMORE

Hornady’s Senior Ballistic Scientist and Dennis DeMille, General Manager of


The Creedmoor has been discussed to death on the various “Shooting” Forums. As you said, it was marketed as a match cartridge for long range shooters who did not wish to load their own. But there aren’t too many such shooters and the cartridge may not survive unless they can market it at a price that shooters can afford. Long range competition requires a LARGE expenditure of ammunition and few civilian shooters can bear that kind of expense.

One other potential problem will be the .473 case head in an AR 15. That’s really pushing the envelope. The Creedmoor makes more sense in a bolt gun and I have a feeling that is where it will see most use.

Contrary to it’s intended purpose, the case has already been wildcatted up, down, and sideways. This is being done in spite of the fact that several identical competition wildcats have existed for years and, more importantly, there is much better brass available (LAPUA) than the Hornady stuff.

It is a cartridge that every collector should have because it may soon be obsolete. But, shooters and wildcatters are not famous for their common sense and you never know.


[quote=“Ray Meketa”] … But, shooters and wildcatters are not famous for their common sense …


Hey, I resemble that remark grin


I probably should have said “shooters, wildcatters, and cartridge collectors are not famous for their common sense.”

We’re ALL certifiable, IMHO.


Just judging by the picture on the ammo-one site, isn’t the Creedmoor waaay to long to pass through an AR magazine or are they looking a single loading? And in that case why an AR?


The AR15 magazine limits the COAL to 2.26" max. There are a few gunsmith modified magazines that work with a longer COAL, but most of them are very prone to feeding problems.

A more sensible platform is the AR 10 and that (and bolt guns) is where you’ll see the Creedmoor used most often. Assuming it survives at all.


I think that I have a couple of 6,5 Creedmoor experimental cartridge’s

I have 1 dummy round with headstamp (HORNADY 308 MATCH)
and on the case is writen…
6,5 Hornady Match 120 GR A-Max (ono of 1e proto types

and 1 cartridge loaded no headstamp
and 2 cases



They may well be Creedmoor prototypes but they could also be wildcats. For the past 20 years or so there have been several long-range competition wildcats based on the 308W and/or 250 Savage case that cannot be distinguished from the Creedmoor.

Also, I believe that the Creedmoor is really a necked down Hornady 30 TC which, again, is identical to several earlier 30 caliber wildcats.

So, there is really nothing new here. But more power to Hornady. The more they convince new shooters that there really is something new, the more good guys on our side.