New areas for SLICS or museums?

Someone has already suggested collecting all the SLICS photos and grouping them together. We could then add updates for next year’s show, prices realized for the live auction, etc.

How about a similar grouping for various museum visits such as those posted by SKSVLAD recently? Call it Musuems of interest to ammo collectors?

Pluses- Makes these type posts easy to find in the future.

Minus- It seems that few people bother to visit anything but the general ammo discussion area.

Tyring to get a feel for forums user’s thoughts on if this iw worth doing ot not. No guarantee we will or will not do either, just asking a question for now.


Put me down as a YES.

agreed…even put all SLICS 09 in one thread

OK, if you have this “Museum and show” section, I promise Canadian War Museum photos by the end of summer, inch allah.

inch allah

made me LOL

Yes for me too. Working in a naval museum, I could practically dominate such a page but I would not.
The SLICS photos were really top knotch and if we had a page for cartridge and/or gunshow photos (cartridge collector related, not just guns) I’m sure it would draw at least a lot of look-sees. Know I would.

Yes !!!


Sounds good to me. If desired, I can supply some recently taken pictures of Fort Point - a Museum of itself - taken recently. Fort Point sits right under the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge and is architecturally the same as Fort Sumter, in the Carolinas, where the American Civil War started.
I have pictures of the powder room, with all the powder kegs in a rack with the original-type markings from Laflin and Rand, Dupont, etc. Replicas, but a nice display.

Its the closest thing we have to a military museum right around here.

Good idea to make albums for ammunition-related events like SLICS, ECRA meetings and so on. It’s always nice to take a look in someone elses kitchen.

I’m going to visit a large war museum in The Netherlands next week with an impressive collection of weapons, tanks and ammunition. Mostly WW2 but a lot of cold war as well. I’ll post some pics here of the trip if there is interest.

I have a tendency to forget the other discussion areas exist when I’m in the general ammo discussion forum. Would it be possible to have the other discussion areas show up on the top of each page, just as the other clickable headers (IAA Home, Join the IAA, etc) do?

I could start an “official” flickr site to house the photos. It would require some proactive farming of the posts and collecting the photos, but it could work out rather well.


Yes !!!, I

Good idea.

I like the idea of having all the pictures in one place…keeps searching time down to a minimum. Maybe have a separate folder for SLICS and the Museums.

A rotating banner at the top of the website, with pictures of cartridges, boxes or SLICS photos might generate a little more interest in the website.

Even though it will take some space on the site am all for this. On my own have been taking pictures of all of our CA shows since the first one and archiving them. Only missed one the year our oldest son graduated from college the same week end as the show. Nice to go back and see everybody over the years. Also have pictures of the AZ shows.