New Armscor 22TCM9R headstamp variation

At Cabelas yesterday, and I picked up a box of Armscor .22TCM9R from the shelf. The box was a newer corrected version which did not have an over-label sticker covering an erroneous listing of “full metal jacket” (described here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=17393) but rather had the correct printed “jacketed hollow point” designation.

I thought I was just acquiring another box variation, but once home I found that the box was actually different in one more aspect - the address listed was their U.S. location of Stevensville, MT and not the Marikina City address in the Phillipines which is what shows on the original over-label box. Other than the address, and the bullet designation they are exactly the same, right down to the UPC code.

Also, the headstamp was different, with different spacing, and a “9” instead of a “N” (new version on left below):

And here are the two end-flap variations, with the sticker label peeled off in the case of the full metal jacket type, which doesn’t really exist as far as available cartridges:

DK - What handgun are these rimmed versions of the cartridge meant for? It was probably covered before, but I have forgotten. Are they for some kind of a revolver, or for an auto pistol? Matters to me, since I don’t collection revolver cartridges.

John - it’s not rimmed, although their designation would make it sound as if it were. I don’t actually know what the “R” stands for, except perhaps “rounded” (projectile) or “reduced” (in length)? These are intended strictly for the newly released Glock upper conversion slide which Rock Island is producing so that people with 9mm Glocks can convert their pistols to use this cartridge type. The only advantage being extreme velocity I suppose, or for anyone who really liked the original longer-projectile .22TCM (Rock Island 9mm 1911 frame), but who would also like to shoot this cartridge type in their 9mm Glock which the original .22TCM cartridges were too long for if even after applying a conversion upper (which didn’t exist until Rock Island made it).

Matt and John, according to Armscor these “TCM9R” and “TCMNR” designations simply stand for “Tuason-Craig Micromagnum Niner”.

Thanks Fede. I always thought the “R” was odd since one would think that Armscor would be aware of the industry standard “R” designation being for rimmed, and also that “NR” is often an American short for no-reserve or not-rated, or else might be interpreted as “not rimmed” which would seem redundant.

Fede - I guess the next question, unless I am missing something here, is "that is the significance of “niner” since the cartridge is a .22 caliber round? “Niner” is an odd usage in this case anyway, since it is usually a “Radio Transmission” form of the number “nine,” if my little experience in the Army with AN/PRC 6s and 10s serves my memory correctly.

I guess if the full cartridge name is .22 TCM9R, then they are saying it is a “twenty-two-niner” as far as a .22 bullet on a 9mm case roughly.

In trying to look up images & information on this year’s AFAD show in the Phillipines which just concluded last week, I came across a video from last year at the Armscor booth where Martin Tuason states that the “R” stands for “Revolution”, because they are going to “revolutionize the arms industry”… It’s at the 4:14 mark:

Matt, that’s a pretty odd explanation, but if the inventor say it I can’t argue with that. The information I had, either correct or not, came from Armscor’s customer service.

Thanks for the link.



It is possible that Martin Tuason was saying that sort of tongue-in-cheek as we say (exagerating). I mean, I think he knows full well that they are not really revolutionizing anything. Most people, even in the industry have not heard of .22TCM.

Was browsing the Cabelas website tonight, and I see they are showing some Armscor brass which will soon be available. I was surprised however to see another variation of the .22 TCM9R headstamp. This makes 3 headstamp variations in one year for this new caliber! For the original .22TCM case type which preceded this one by 3 years though, there has only ever been one headstamp type that I have observed. Cabelas also shows 2016 dated 9mm brass from Armscor

I have been noticing that lately that all of the .22TCM and .22TCM9R has been drying up from everywhere, and the internet seems to finally be just about out of it. You can find some on Gunbroker being resold for slightly inflated prices, and Fred Craig “Atomic22” has actually been selling via Gunbroker throughout the lifespan of the Rock Island .22TCM venture as he apparently loads a ton of it, which makes sense. He offers it only as bulk 250 packs though.

This is puzzling though since Rock Island has recently renewed efforts with this caliber and has released the “MAPP” pistol, which is sort of a CZ-75 clone in the .22TCM9R caliber. It seems as if Armscor is moving all TCM-oriented ammo production efforts to the newer 9R variant since this ammo is compatible with the original 1911 .22TCM’s as well as the new MAPP’s, and the Glock conversion uppers which only take the shorter 9R.

In my search efforts I came across Ammunitiontogo’s listing for a strange semblance of parts in .22TCM. The box graphics and the projectile loaded are indicating .22TCM9R, but the brass is clearly headstamped as the original .22TCM (it ultimately doesn’t matter either way for the shooter in this case), and the brass is also nickeled which is something I had never seen before in this caliber.

Armscor will presumably getting new production in soon, but they haven’t yet answered my inquiries.


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