New arrivals for my collection


New arrivals for my collection last week.

Left to right
7.5 Swedish Nagant Revolver, 30-06 Salvo Red tip, 30-06 Salvo, 7.5x54 MAS, 8mm Mauser, 7.5x54 again, 6.5 Carcaino, .41 Swiss and 11mm Mauser.


No clue what they are, except for very cool! Congrats on the score! I like the one with the red tip. Surprised to see such a big case with a small projectile seated so low. What is it?



The guts of the two Cal .30 (30-06) cartridges would look like this. Unfortunately, the color tips do not always tell you much. There’s an old thread on these duplex and triplex cartridges wherein I was able to narrow the differences down to total weight and headstamp. You can search to find it. I don’t remember when it was.

They are not SSB, by the way. They were part of the SALVO II trials.




I located the old link on the 6.35 Duplex, but nadda on the .30




What is the hds on the 6,5 mm Carcano?


Very cool! I was not expecting the projectile to be a salvo! Thanks, Ray. Great sectioned pics.




Found it on the first try.




Thanks Ray. I tried all those key word also, found the 6.35 duplex.



Here are the H/S Pivi,