New ASYM ammo headstamps


ASYM ammo was sold this past year and is relocated now to Phoenix, AZ. I knew they were adding a couple calibers and having some new box graphics, but now it seems they have new headstamps which read ASYM MATCH over the caliber. One image on the new website shows the .45 atuo headstamp, and another page on the site shows an illustration showing several headstamps of calibers not yet shown on the storefront page. Looks like they have plans for a .300 BLK load:


I just ordered some ASYM 9mm last week from Midway and it is still the old Starline brass!!!


Has anyone seen the ASYM headstamp on 9x19mm

I wonder if what Midway has is still some old stock, or was it in the newer packaging style? Direct from the new ASYM website might yield something different, but at their prices I wouldn’t want to gamble on it. I posted on their Fascebook timeline asking the question, so hopefully they reply.


I just spoke to ASYM and the artwork of the 9x19mm headstamp on their website is an accurate representation on the new ammunition. The new ASYM headstamp 9mm can be ordered on their website but dealers like Midway likely still have old stock.



Another thing I notice is that all the headstamps read “ASYM MATCH” at 12 o-clock, which their new .45acp resembles, but the image of the new 9mm headstamp on their Facebook page reads: ASYM at 12 o-clock, and “9mm MATCH” at 6 o-clock: