New Auction with Cartridges Online

For those who may be interested, Cowan’s Auctions currently has the catalog for their 13/14 August gun and ammunition auction posted. See This sale is a mixed bag of modern stuff and a ton of the sort of things we like. There are lots of paper cartridge boxes, trap guns, alarm guns, shotshell singles and boxes, cartridge displays, cartridges, cartridge collections (Lot 984 is a collection in a spool cabinet), and many bullet molds, tools, flasks, etc. An interesting lot is #638, a wood shovel used at the Peters gunpowder factory. (Wood = no sparks.) Another is #674, a set of wood fireplace (?) bellows from the U.S. Cartridge Co. Lot 695 is kind of interesting for those who collect .32 rimfire. It’s a pair of “Explosive Spanking Paddles” which I suppose clowns used to whap one another on the butt and cause a big bang. There are a couple of WWII German displays with draw sets mounted on what looks like cardboard. About 1,400 lots total, with excellent color pics that can be enlarged a lot to see detail. There are some nice old guns too, mixed in with the modern. The lots don’t seem to be organized in sections; you have to browse through the whole thing.

Thanks Mel!

Some wonderful boxes. Large collection of USCCO boxes selling in a number of lots. Also lots of old .22 boxes.

Unfortunately no 9mmP boxes but it was fun looking. Some very interesting stuff.