New bill to restrict ammunition sales

In the aftermath of the Aurora, Colorado shooting (comparable to a typical week’s slaughter in gun-free Chicago) the usual anti-gun folks in Washington are introducing a bill to restrict ammunition sales.

This undoubtedly would not stop mass-killers, but it would certainly stop law abiding cartridge collectors.

According to a news report

“The bill, titled the Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act, would effectively ban the online sale of ammunition to anyone other than licensed dealers by requiring a check of photo ID, which is difficult if not impossible over the Internet. It would also require anyone selling ammunition to be licensed, to keep records, and to report any sale of more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition. Lautenberg and McCarthy plan to introduce the legislation on Tuesday.”

No telling if this bill will gain much support, but this is just one more example of why cartridge collectors NEED to be involved in politics at every level. If your candidates are either safe, or hopeless, then donate some money to help candidates in another district or state who is in a close race, or to the NRA-ILA or NRA-PVF.

As you may recall, ammunition sales were initially restricted under the Gun Control Act of 1968, but that was later removed as being totally worthless for fighting crime.

Can’t say for sure, but this is just another liberal “Let’s Dance in the Blood” bill that probably won’t go anywhere. But I can imagine that internet ammo sales will jump about 10,000% for awhile and prices will skyrocket.

With an election coming up, few pols, including Obama, will support anything like this except for the usual harrumph, harrumph. It will increase sales, so good news for the ammo dealers. Maybe even create a few jobs?

Could anyone expand upon “ammunition sales were initially restricted under the Gun Control Act of 1968”? I was 10 years old at that time, and my memory is so-so.


You can read it all, right here:

As John said, many of the ammunition restrictions were lifted because they proved to be useless. Such as, having to show ID and fill out paperwork for a box of 22 Long Rifle.


The only restrictions I recall concerning general ammunition sales, imporsed by the GCA 68, was the requirement for dealers to see ID on all sales and record every sale in a log with the description and quantity of the ammunition and personal information about the purchaser. This requirement slowly faded away - .22 ammunition was “excused” from the law, and then I believe shotgun shells, and then sporting rifle and finally pistol and revolver, which ended the record-keeping requirement. The BATFE had finally admitted that the requirement had proven next to useless as a crime-fighting tool. Big Surprise! My memory is fading too on this subject, and I might have the sequence wrong above, but the essence of the answer is correct. The reauirement was done away with in segments, not in one, single decision.

Later on, San Francisco decided to reinstitute it, but I forget to what degree. Big surprise it would be a place like San Francisco, weith a long history of a Board of supervisors generally made up of, shall we be kind and just say “challenged” indvidduals. I don’t recall if they ended up dropping it again or not. Seems to me we were still doing it when the owners closed the store in disgust of the whole local political situation.

Remember, no sales or delivery of ammunition to private (unlicensed) citizens was allowed through common carriers after 1968. FFL to FFL for ammo! C&R holders could recieve only certain calibers that were “on the list” This was changed back in the 1986 FOPA. JH

I just had a friend call to tell me he put in an order tonight for 5000 rounds of 7.62X39 “Just in Case”. How many times is that scenario being repeated?

The White House doesn’t support the bill (FOR NOW) but I am sure they will after the election. Another reason to tell your friends about all the freedoms being lost and they need to vote to help save them.
[color=#BF0000]We only live in the land of the free, because of the brave![/color]
Never give up your Freedoms!

Other than pandering to their constituents, most of the reason some of the far-left anti-gun types propose this type of hopeless ammo legislation is simply to make Obama look moderate on the cusp of an election. They know the bill has no chance, they know it is far-left, and they know Obama will generally oppose it, which will make him look seemingly centrist in that regard to some.

I really don’t believe this bill will pass but . . . it gave me an excuse for my wife so I could buy more ammo before it’s too late!! :)

Not quite on topic, but here in Norway, when we buy ammunition, it has to be recorded by the shop. They record our name, gun licence number, caliber and qty bought. We can only buy ammunition in the caliber we have licenced gun, unless we have a collectors licence. Maximum legal qty of ammunition in our home, is 10 000 rounds, plus another 5000 .22 caliber.

All guns require permit from the police to buy, and we need to document a “need” for every gun. Self protection is not alloved. They are now in the process of implimenting new gunlaws, and I guess it will not be any easier to get more licences.

Sorry, if self defence is not allowed, what kind of a reason does one provide for owning a 5 shot snub nose revolver, for example?


The police are there to protect you. You should not be trying to defend yourself. Leave it to the professionals. When trouble is seconds away, the police are only minutes away.

Several years ago I was travelling thru Canada, into some remote areas, and so I asked the Canadian Govt for a permit to take a firearm with me in my truck. They asked why I needed a gun. I said for protection and/or emegencies, just in case. The chap I talked to was very forthcoming. He said “no permit” and advised me never use the words “protection or self defence”. So, I bought a $20 H&R single barrel shotgun and put it under the seat. If confiscated, that was all I would have lost. I think.


It’s only allowed for competition. And yes, Norway is a socialist country, where the gouvernment will provide you everything you need, just when you need it… Well, it just ain’t so. The police here are more busy catching people overspeeding, or others riding jetski ( illegal ) then bothering about robbers, rapers and killers. Just don’t cheat the gouvernment of taxes, then they’ll come after you…

We used to have quite good condition for collecting and shooting, but lately, the police who are responsible for the gun laws has declared legal gun owners and especially collectors the worst enemies, and refuse to approve licences.