New BLAZER 45 Auto


I love INDEPENDENCE ammo boxes. You never know what will be inside. The last two 45 Auto boxes I recovered, both lot H25R24 (25 August 2010), contained Speer-made BLAZER-headstamped cases with not-nickel-plated small pistol primers. Previously I’d only seen Federal-made BLAZER-headstamped 45 AUTO cases (dot before the 45). Years ago I’d seen a few SPEER-made SPEER-headstamped cases with small pistol primers, but only nickel-plated primers as one would expect a CCI primer to be. Speer-made, small pistol primers, and not-nickel-plated presumably CCI primers. That’s three new ones on me.


I have part of the answer. Today I recovered a fired Speer 45 auto Clean-Fire case with its nickel-plated small pistol primer. The primer was very flattened like those primers found in fired Winchester WINClean ammo; and the Speer case interior was amazingly clean like fired WINClean cases. But my BLAZER case interiors are sooty just like standard large pistol primed Speer 45 auto cases. Yes, my BLAZER cases were made for the nickel-plated Clean-Fire small pistol primers but weren’t factory loaded with them, and they ended up being factory loaded with a not-nickel-plated small pistol primer (still to be identified) and sold off in Independence boxes.


Not-nickel-plated presumably CCI small pistol primers are found in boxer primed SPEER 357 SIG ammo. In my single example of a CCI/Blazer aluminum case berdan primed 357 SIG, the berdan primer is also not-nickel-plated. One might argue the SPEER 357 SIG was possibly a reload, but the likelyhood of the berdan primed aluminum CCI/Blazer case being a reload is virtually nil. Also the difference between these newer small pistol primer SPEER and BLAZER 45 Auto cases and the older type is that the newer headstamp lettering is centered between the edge of the primer and edge of the case. Older cases have the lettering near the edge of the case, closer to the edge than even the lettering on large pistol primer cases.


At least new to me. Forty-four Speer-made .FEDERAL. (dot FEDERAL dot)-headstamped 45 AUTO cases recovered today; but no box. All with the small pistol primer pocket, not-nickel-plated primer, sooty interior, lettering centered between primer and cartridge edge. Another iteration of the BLAZER cases that are the subject of this topic.


I believe that the small primered .45ACP ammo is being packaged in the newer Federal Champion boxes that is so prevalent at Walmart stores. I’m thinking that these are basically .45GAP cases with the small primer pockets and are being properly trimmed as .45ACP cases and stamped as such.