New book: 25mm Hotchkiss Guns and Ammunition

For all those interested in medium caliber guns and ammunition; Anderhub’s new book is out!

The book again is a milestone on the subject and basically is closing the subject for the community of interested people as hardly more essential info can be found.
As always the book is well researched and prepared in a scientific manner.
Described is the full history of the 25mm Hotchkiss guns and ammunition, including all “non-French” cartridges (mainly German but also Japanese and few others). The amount of formerly unknown specimen and diagrams is really surprising.

Format: A4
Pages: 314
Language: German
The book is in full color with lots of photos and factory diagrams.

Book can be ordered from the publisher:

Description and further details in German:

Thanks for posting this, Alex.

Does the book say anything about experimental guns and ammunition, such as the automatic anti-tank gun in 25 x 193 (rimless) calibre, or the aircraft guns and their ammo?

Tony, yes it is (chapter 14). I have not read it yet so can not tell details.


I await the results with great interest!

Do not hold your breath. My reading list is measured in years…