New book (2nd edition) on German rifle grenades


I just got to know that Michael Heidler published a heavily revised and extended 2nd edition of his book on German rifle grenades, launchers and associated equipment.
This is a highly recommended book on the subject from the leading researcher in this field.

Deutsche Gewehrgranaten und Gewehrgranatgeräte

  • German language
  • 432 pages
  • 764 images
  • Format: 170x240mm (hard cover, heavy paper)


  • Germany: 44,- Euro
  • Europe: 53,- Euro
  • World: 75 US $

Available from the author at (remove blanks in front and behind the “@”):
GGBuch @


Does anyone know if this book is available in the U.S.A., or not?


He said it:"- World: 75 US $" - the USA is also on “our” world.
Thats the price with shipping inclusive.


Manuel - I prefer to order books through my book dealer, since if they arrive damaged, I am not obligated to take them, or go to the trouble of sending them back. That is why I asked if anyone knew of a U.S. Book-seller for the title. It is not important. I don’t have any room for more books anyway, and the subject is beyond my primary interest now that my 7.9 collection is gone.

And yes, we are all on the same troubled and declining world.


Today arrived :-)

Thanks alot,- it looks very interesting !