New book: Cartridges from All Over the World

I’m happy to inform you we have published the second volume in a series of three books covering Finnish military cartridges prior to 1945.

This volume is titled Cartridges from all over the world - Military rifle and machine gun ammunition in Finland prior to 1945 - Other than 7.62 mm x 54R (Authors: Mika Pitkanen & Timo Simpanen) and it’s covering the rifle and machine gun ammunition other than 7.62 mm x 54R plus anti-tank rifle cartridges up to 14,5 mm, 22 calibers in total.

The book is in full colour, has 104-pages in A4-size, and is soft cover. 125 images.

The price of the book is 37 euros or USD 39 plus shipping. Paypal is accepted.

If interested and/or need further information please contact me by email: pitkanen.mika(youknowwhatcomeshere)

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Is this offered as an e-book? If so what is the cost?




Yes, this one is also available as an e-book (31 MB PDF). The price is 9.00 euros (Europeans pay with IBAN) or USD 10.50 (including Paypal’s fee). The e-book is dispatched through Dropbox.


What language are the books in, both Volume I and Volume II?

Text is in Finnish with English summaries after each chapter, captions are in both Finnish and English.

Please forgive my technical ignorance, but can an E-Book be purchased and downloaded to a regular computer and then saved to a flash-drive/memory stick, or must you use a special Nook-type e-book reader?

Jon, it is a PDF file. It can be used on any computer and I think most normal e-book readers can display these files as well.

I just had the chance to have a quick look at the book and can say it the usual high quality work we know from Mika with plenty of images and drawings.
I can recommend it to anybody who is into military cartridges.

Thanks Alex. I’ll order it tonight!

What are the differences to "Suomalaiset Sotilaspatruunat 1918 - 1945 (The Finnish Military Cartridges 1918 - 1945)?

These both new books differ from original book in several ways. First of all, The Finnish Military Cartridges book covered “everything” starting with ammunition industry and ending with each cartridge used. The new books cover more in detail one subject ie. 7.62 mm rifle cartridges or all other rifle/machine gun ammunition. So, the contents are revised and expanded, there are a lot of new images and drawings of which most are in full color now.

Just got this as an e-book, MOST EXCELLENT.

LOTS to learn here & the info on page 6 is worth the $10.50, the rest of the book is pure gravy.

303, 7.5 French (did you know the Finn’s made this at VPT, never used it & the cases were later imported to the US), photo of a RL Japanese box, & it goes on & on.

Great & a VERY interesting book.

BUY the BOOK, how can you go wrong at $10.50?

PS nothing wrong with the first volume either, great information even if all you can read is English

Agreed Pete, very interesting book.
I’ve actually had two of the VPT 7.5 French rounds. One rests happily in my collection, while the second actually went to a collector in Finland!

I just got my copies today. Very good information! Thanks!