New Book: European Flare Guns vol 1+2

Here the new book of Kafka & Thielbörger (following the one on European flare gun cartridges).
The book (2 volumes) is describing 500 guns on 1254 color pages.
Ammo is exemplary treated to connect it to the gun subject which often is understated in many gun publications.
Price for both volumes (set) is 140 Euro including p&p inside Germany.
For other locations you need to ask for details.
Available from the authors at:


Oh man, thanks so much for letting us know! I collect 26.5mm flare launchers and have been wondering if there was a book like this! New XMAS wishlist.

EOD, do you know of any other good books or references for 26.5mm launchers?

Actually none covering more than the above one does.

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Hooked 1978, what is the name of that reference in english?

26mm signal pistols a book for forensic experts

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Thanks sksvlad

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English printing available???

Yeah that would be cool if both were available in English, but I dont think there is.