New book: Legacy of the Three Line Cartridge

Hi there,

I’m happy to introduce a new book about the 7.62 x 54R cartridge in the Finnish service, Legacy of the Three Line Cartridge written By Mika Pitkanen and Timo Simpanen. This work is partly based on our previous book Finnish military cartridges 1918-45 but is vastly improved and expanded. Here’s the introduction from the book:

"This book, Legacy of the Three Line Cartridge, covers the 7.62 mm x 54R cartridges used within the Finnish military and the Civil Guard prior to 1945. Primarily this ammunition was called the three line cartridge because of its original Russian name. Later it was known as the 7.62 mm rifle cartridge in Finland. As a matter of fact, this cartridge is still used by the Finnish Defence Forces over 120 years after its introduction in 1890. Many of the cartridges mentioned in this book were still used decades after the WW 2 until the stocks were depleted or the cartridges had to be disposed of because of their old age. Cartridges with D-166, D-46 or D-47 bullets have been loaded up to these days both for the civilian and military use.

The purpose of the book is to supplement the three chapters dealing with 7.62 mm cartridges in our book Finnish military cartridges 1918-45 published by Apali Oy in 2004. This book has been out of print for years now and unfortunately there will be no second printing of it. Texts have been updated, there is some additional information as well as new drawings and photographs added. Bigger and smaller errors slipped into the original text are hopefully corrected in this book. Perhaps the biggest improvement is, however, that almost every photograph and drawing is in full colour now. The main text is solely in Finnish but there is an English summary after each three chapters and every picture is provided with an English caption, so this book should be most informative for a non-Finnish speaking reader, too."

The book is A4-size 100 pages soft cover and the first print is basically sold out, only few copies left. However, it’s also available as a 28-megabyte e-book in pdf format. The price for the e-book is 10 euros or 12 dollars. The printed book is 37 euros or 45 dollars plus shipping. European friends can use IBAN for payments but overseas friends unfortunately pay in cash. I don’t have paypal and cheques are far too expensive to cash here, I regret.

If still interested in spite of these terms please contact me by email: pitkanen.mika(youknowwhatcomeshere)

Posting pictures/attachments/links is quite complicated here, so if you want to have a free sample of our book, please drop me a line to get one.



As much as I hate paypal for it’s anti-gun / ammunition stance. It is easy to sign up with and use.

I use it for my overseas or Canadian buyers & ask them to use paypal’s gift feature which means they pay any fees. If the gift feature doesn’t work for them I ask they add an additional 3% to cover the fees. That way it doesn’t cost me money and for only a little more they get whatever it is they are buying with a mouse click. The money can then be directly deposited into my bank with two mouse clicks on the pp site.

It’s much cheaper and EASIER for me to buy your book in either version than to go to a bank & buy euros & then post them to you. That is just too much trouble, to time consuming & too expensive.

Sorry, but I must agree. I would love to buy a copy of your book, but it is unsafe to send cash, of any denomination, through the postal system.

Well, at least in Germany it is my impression that Paypal keeps coming up in cases where people lost their money or were being withheld their money. (This is the reason I did not join IAA: finding no way around Paypal.)

Be that as it may, I used Western Union in Germany without problem to pay a gentleman in Canada for his books. I do not know if there is a branch close to where Mika Pitkanen lives. (We have several branches in Munich, where I live.) But you definitely do not need to buy Euros and mail them to him.

I have purchased more items by Paypal than I like to think of, and have yet to have a problem with them. I don’t like their anti-gun stand, but then I get in trouble when I remind people on our forum of the party the US that is totally anti-gun, not to mention AARP, even though I know gun owners who use their medical insurance and belong to the organization. If you want to purchase things in a multitude of countries, as I have, you either use Paypal or lose out.

It is still the absolutely easiest way to pay a bill overseas, and cheaper than Western Union, or at least the few times I have used Western Union, their charges have been higher. Of course, no one picks your pocket like trying to pay a bill through banks. The one time I had to do that, the bank charges were more than the money I owed the seller. Evidently some of that at the bank has to do with Fed Govt. charges on such transactions. Of course, is that surprising?

Yes paypal operates in a world of their own. You can make a complaint on something bought on e bay & pp will just refund the money to the buyer without any rebuttal from the seller, & the buyer doesn’t even have to return the object. Total rip-off.

However if your dealing, as we are, in such a small world of ammunition collectors things like that are very unlikely to happen. And if they did I’d think that word would get around very fast, & no one would ever trust the thief on anything ever again.

Here in the US western union is not very much trusted. The ladies & gentlemen who live in the country south of us use it A LOT to send money home & SOME are well known to create fake money orders. I personally will not take one as payment.

Pete - I don’t deal with cartridges on Paypal, but rather other items. I have dealt with items in about 15 countries, including the PRC (totally reliable transactions over the last five year period, by the way, with sellers in that country). I have only asked for a refund once from a seller in an Eastern European country who was obviously a crook, as he would not answer my pleas about no receiving an item. IN muy opinion, both dBay and Paypal worked for me to get a refund, but bent over backwards to protect the crook I was dealing with. Just as many crooked dealers as there are crooked buyers. Perhaps more. Again, I have no experience using paypal with dealers on cartridges. If they won’t accept my check, then I simply don’t deal with them.

Friends I can try to take a couple off these books with me to SLICS.

Mika can you please send me a email to



I’m glad to hear our new book has raised some interest and I’m positive we’ll find a way to get a few copies overseas as well. I already got some orders from Germany and the UK which makes me really happy. Thanks!

Harrie’s idea to take our books with him to SLICS sounds a great one. I will contact Harrie a.s.a.p. and talk with him about details. However we don’t have too many copies left of the first printing. We’ve been strongly advised to have at least one more printing to meet the demand and I think we have to do that.

Yes, Western Union! That’s the way to get payments here to Finland. The closest branch to me is Pori, some 10 clicks away where I live.

What comes to PayPal, I’m still thinking of it but as I already told Pete in email my “business” is too small to go with it. But let’s see…


I just orderd a couple off books , and will bring them to SLICS

reserved books for : jonnyc , flectarn ,Zac Weighman


I’m presenting the following idea with the understanding that I’m quite ignorant on the subject.

For those people who would tolerate a copy of this book in PDF format would it be possible to split the 28-megabyte e-book into 2 smaller pdf files that could be easily emailed. Then have a someone at SLICS collect the $12 for the e-book plus a small fee, say $5, to compensate that person at SLICS for there effort and this person could email Mika your email address and notice of purchase. Mika could then email you, the purchaser, the 2 pdf files of the book. After SLICS is over a single payment could be sent to Mika. This would also allow for “spur of the moment” purchases at SLICS.

Mica could in theory also create an e-book of Finnish military cartridges 1918-45 and offer it at SLICS too.

We can put people on the moon, we can call each other from almost anywhere on the planet with a hand held phone for mere pennies, we can have conversations with people from all over the world (as long as they have internet access and a computer device) on this forum but it is a pain in the rear to get a small book from one continent to another! In this day and age it just doesn’t make sense! At least to me (maybe I’m not informed enough to understand the logistics).


I totally agree with Brian, it’s funny how difficult it is to send anything over the Atlantic ocean either way. I’ve been mail ordering gun parts from the States (mostly Brownells) and, boy, that’s really hard!

The problem with the e-book is that I need to prepare a personalized copy of it to prevent illegal copying and distributing of the pdf file. The protected pdf has the name of the person who it was made for visible on each page (it’s nicely done and looks quite cool actually). I use dropbox to get the file to the customer because it’s not very convenient to slice the pdf into pieces.


I just had a quick look at my digital version and can only recommend this book to anyone interested in the subject!
A lot of questions got answered now though I have to stay with the English captions and summaries. Lots of photos and diagrams are making it easier to get along with.
The book is covering not only Finnish made cartridges abut also some foreign production and a lot of Russian material with quite some uniqe images of material seldomly seen.

Humm… now I am going to have to find a way to get a hard copy…

Hi everyone,

I have a PayPal account now, if there still is any interest in our new book amongst our overseas friends.

However, the problem is… Hard copies are out of print now but I do have a lot of e-book copies in stock (-:



MissingSomething I will bring some to SLICS