New book: Machine Gun

Machine Gun the new book by Max Popenker and myself, is now being advertised by the publisher, The Crowood Press. As you might expect, it contains a lot about ammo. See the Buy-Sell-Trade forum for details on ordering.

Will you have this on sale at the ECRA meeting at the end of this month as I’d like a copy.

Sorry, I don’t think it will be out by then. If it is, I’ll bring what I have.

Thanks for the heads-up; this is on my “must-buy” list, as I’ve got “Assault Rifle” and “Modern Combat Pistols”, as well as two out of the three “Flying Guns” books you’ve put out. As an aside, is “Flying Guns of WW2” still available? When I tried to order it from Amazon, they said they were out of stock.

The original print run of FG:WW2 sold out some months ago but 500 more copies (with a few amendments, I hope) are due for printing anytime now.

I have received some copies of the book, and was pleasantly surprised to see that all of the photos are in colour (at least, those that originally were!).

What ECRA meeting at the end of this month?? Am I missing something?

What ECRA meeting at the end of this month?? Am I missing something?[/quote]


I was refering to Deepdale, do keep up :-)


Sorry - night shifts again!!

At August, 14 2008 I place a internet-order (

Yes, the distributors used by Crowood seem to be struggling at the moment - quite a backlog, I think. If it’s any comfort I only received my first copy of the new print this week - and only because my contact at Crowood posted one direct to me. I’m still waiting for the batch coming from the distributor.

Oops, I just realised that I typed my last message in something of a hurry, and was thinking of the reprint of ‘Flying Guns: WW2’.

Rob, have you received your copy of ‘Machine Gun’ yet? If not, I’ll chase it up for you.

Hello Tony,

I’m still waiting for the book…!
I send you a email with order ID and shipment address.

Many thanks for your assistance.

Kindest regards, Rob