New book "Military ammunitions of Italy 1861-1946"!

Goodmorning everyone
Finally, after 4 years of work, the new book on Italian cartridges from 1861 to 1946 is about to arrive.
It will be presented at the Militaria fair in Milan on 1 November 2020 (Covid permitting) and to follow at the ECRA meeting in Aerzen in November (Covid permitting);on both occasions it will be possible to purchase the book at a promotional price.
From the end of November the possibility of online purchase will begin (I will keep you updated on this post).

Regards Nicola

from this poster you can see some contents of the work



Nicola, thanks a lot for these good news!
I am looking forward to study this one!


Sarà possibile di comprare questo libro d’un Libraio negli Stati Uniti? La spese di spedizione è più meno quando sono da vendere all’engrosso al Libraio.

John Moss

Hello John
It will be shipped to the USA, I will keep you updated at the end of November, there will be instructions for ordering them.

Hello Nicola, I am also interested when it is available for shipping to the USA.

Does the book include any English or just Italian (such as descriptions/captions for photos)? And what is the largest caliber covered?

Thank you!

In the book there are all the captions of the images also in English. The introductions to the chapters are also in English.

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12.7 Breda-Safat is the largest caliber (12.7x81R)

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Love to have a copy! in the USA

Great to hear the book is finally finished. Congratulations to Carlo and Pierluigi!



some previews…


That’s great …hope it will be available in NZ.
My interest is mainly 12.7mm to 800mm
Any books on Italian medium and large calibre ammunition in existence or being worked on?
Thanks very much

Excellent, Italian Address for Purchasing?
Doc AV
Ballisticus Pedemontanus
Gallia Cis-Padana


As the German November meeting was cancelled, please let us know how and when to order your book.