New book on European flare gun cartridges and similar

For many years the leading expert on flare gun cartridges Horst Thielbörger was working on his book on European cartridges in cal.4 / 26.5mm and 1".

This is the first publication to cover European made cartridges of the 25mm to 28mm range.
Besides the majority of flare gun cartridges also CADs, mortar primary charges and others are covered (no hunting ammunition).
Sure a valuable source of information as lots of undocumented cartridges are treated here…

"Katalog der pyrotechnischen Patronen Europas"

Pages: 455
Image count: 1761 cartridges+ (usually 3 images per cartridge) in color
Language: German
Format: A4 softcover
Price: 55 Euro + shipping (from Germany)

Available from the author:



End where can we buy one ?

Oops, I missed the e-mail address. Changed the posting above and included it. Sorry!


What timeframe is covered by the book?

Basically from the Beginning up to now - as far as info became available.

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