New book on French machineguns


 The well-noted French author for military weapons (a regular contributor to the US magazine "Small Arms Review") just wrote in co-operation with Alain Barrelier (whose grandfather, a General in Ordnance, was the man in charge in charge for French Weapons Procurements  during WW I and some years later), a quite an  interesting book on French automatic weapons, dealing  in accurate details with the development of machineguns (Hotchkiss of diverse calibres, 6,5 to 25 mm, and others).

Profusely illustrated, most of the pictures unpublished before (many in colors), accessories like belts, links, armorer’s tools, tripods, are also covered, the book making a general review not only of French models, but also foreign variations or specific types.

295 pages A4 size, in French (but quite easy to translate) it should figure in any compre-hensive gun buff library.

It can be ordered from Editions Crépin-Leblond, 14 rue du Patronage laïque, F-52902 Chaumont CEDEX, France,. Priced 29,90 €(plus mail)- Please ask for details to

Thanks for the tip.

Does it say anything about the Delaunay-Belleville 20mm anti-tank MG of World War 1 (or its ammunition, of course!)?

Tony, the only tips we have about the Delaunay Belleville MG are

  • a picture of the gun, extracts from a patent,

-a test report in a “question” as they say, from trials at Satory, found in the French ‘Archives de l’Armement’, Chatellerault

-a picture of a cartridge I had in my collection, and which is now in Serge Hauteville’s one, plus several drawings of variations… all of them covered in a note by the late Jacques Barlerin, in a brochure he wrote about French Experimental Cartridges (which was unhappily,not edited),

-also a note I published in several years ago in the French Magazine CIBLES, and an abstract I sent to be published in an old issue of IAA Journal.

The story about the Delaunay-Belleville factory and his role in war implements during WW I and later on, is still very confused and uncomplete, as it seems that no documents were kept (probably destroyed), the last efforts being a production of 8x50R Mle 1886 D(a.m.) during the lastst 20ies and first 30ies.

It should be remembered thar DB was first a locomotive factory, with an automobile department at the beginning of XXth century (including luxury models, two of them going to the Tsar Nicolas II in Russia).


Philippe, any chance for an image of that round?

Wow, Tony, what a skillful “hijacking” of this thread! You and Alex continue to show great skill and knowledge on this site…

NOW, about the book…
That site is apparently entirely French. Will the book come out in an English version? What is shipping to the US? Any chance of copies for sale showing up at SLICS?



Well, I wasn’t trying to hijack the thread! It’s just that I’m curious about that particular gun, having previously only come across one mention of it.

Actually, I must get hold of a copy of this book, because the French have produced loads of experimental MGs and cannon firing experimental ammo, and there is very little information about these published in English. AFAIK Jean Huon’s reference on ammo is the only source for many rounds - and that doesn’t cover the 20-25mm calibre range, which interests me more than the smaller stuff!

Does the book have any information about Hotchkiss production in the UK in the Great War?


Alan David

Tony et al, just a bit of heads-up - the book is also available through
My knowledge of the French is nil, so i had to go British Amazon site to be able to order me this book.

I didn’t think to check that - I’ve just ordered it from the publisher. I don’t speak French but I was able to work out what to do with a little bit of help from an online translator!