New book on german cal4 flare gun cartridges

Written by Horst Thielb

Hi EOD, I was wondering if you could drop me an email.

Would like to get a copy of this and Vol.2 of Wolfgang Kerns Flare guns as well. My German is very rusty/non-existent.

Kerns Vol 1 is great even if you don’t speak German. Lots of Pictures.

Any help is appreciated.


I have been asked by the autor to post this request:

For volume 2 on European cal4 flare gun cartridges cartridges he is looking for documents, technical manuals etc. on such ones and also for images showing cartridges from a side view, head stamp and case mouth seal. Also the cartridge length would be essencial information. Any info is much appreciated.

PM me for his e-mail address.

And last but not least:
Book dealers are getting special rates.