New book on German machine guns

I just received a letter from Dolf Goldsmith and figured some of you might not be on his mailing list. So scans of his letter below.
I have nothing to do with this, noir have I seen this new book & was not asked to do this. I only hope it will not be a case of “no good deed goes unpunished”.

PS Dolf apparently still has a few issues of his The Devil’s Paintbrush book, which is very interesting.

Also available from the publishers here in Europe;

I have a number of their books, they’re expensive but the production is excellent in every respect.


Another great book on “Machine Guns of World War One” by Robert Bruce. 128 pages of color pictures.

The book mentioned by PetedeCoux is in line with the quality of Dieter Storz’ book on German rifles or Mathieu Willemsen’s on the collection of rifles tested by the Dutch musketry school.
The only weak point of the new book in my view is its lack of data on ammunition. See also below.

An extremely valuable addition for any research is a supplement volume, containing 33 German regulations and field manuals regarding machine guns from 1899 to the end of WW1, for example the specification regulating machine gun acceptance. In particular the small size field manuals are shown as 4 pages on a single book page, resulting in totally around 1800 manual pages shown on the 584 book pages (if I counted correctly). Beware, these are reproductions of the originals, being German language and mostly printed in Gothic fonts.

Although on the mentioned 1800 original German manual pages there is of course not a single mention of “7.92”, only many mentions of “7.9”, the authors show a severe blackout as military historians by using 7.92 in their book.

I didn’t know Dolf was in San Antonio… So close, would love to meet him.

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Being a book on Vickers & to advertise in on a post about Germans MG’s books don’t you think it should have it’s own thread?