New Book on Walking Stick Cartridges

Náboje pro pušky v holi or Walking Stick Cartridges
by Vit Kréma

Covering walking sticks or Cane (or Canne) gun ammunition with the dimensions noted, the priming types, the various loads, the various makers, the various companies, the company histories, the inventors, the patents, and packaging, plus the canes and some of their patents, this seems to us to be a very comprehensive and very interesting book covering a time where and when folks also used canes or walking sticks as a defense along with being an aid to walking and being stylish.

Hard bound, 8 1/4" x 11 1/2", with 341 pages, most of the photographs are actual size, in black & white and are of good quality, while the boxes and some of the ammunition photos illustrating the patent designs are in color.

This printing has a large amount of information in the Czechoslovakian language. However for a collector or ammunition student / historian who is a non-speaker, the photographs show quite a bit of information as X-rays and sectioned ammunition is also included as are photos of heads, bodies and noses with some of the detailed photos oversized. Some of the ammunition shown is a surprise, as it was not known by me to have been used in a cane gun, and some is new to me for what ever that’s worth. A number of very knowledgeable collectors from around the world have helped Vit with this comprehensive study. An English translation is being considered, but at this time nothing has been decided. I’ve said yes PLEASE do, but I’m not funding the book…

Vit is looking for someone willing to be involved in getting this published in English and is generously willing to share.

Last, my impression is that this is a very worthwhile book (even if I can’t read the whole thing) on a little known subject, but the depth of coverage makes this book a valuable source for any field of small arms ammunition collecting / study.

Below a snap of the cover and a couple sections of pages.

The book can be ordered through the Nova Forma publishing house at this following address

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Tried ordering on the site and it makes it difficult to North America. Shipping options are to Czech or to Slovakia and payment is either COD or Direct Bank transfer. Can not do the bank transfer so will try COD? Has anyone else in the USA or Canada ordered?

Thanks for sharing Pete. Here is a direct link:

664 Kč = $28.50

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The address was what Vit sent me to use but apparently Fede found an easier / better one.
I was a contributor & why I got sent a copy plus Vit asked me to write a review & post it here, I was impressed with it & so I willingly did.

I wish it wasn’t so hard to get things like this from other countries. Ammunition I can understand, somewhat, perhaps a tiny bit, maybe a nano bit…
No idea if PayPal would be good for them to try & set up or if it even exists there.

I’ve sent Vit a link to the post so perhaps he can do something with the publisher ?

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Anyone figure out a way to buy this?

Hi i live in czech republic and can you buy the books and take to ECRA Swirzerland meeting. If you want .

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I appreciate the offer! I will let you know. I had emailed Vit to see if he could just send me one. He is out of books, but he emailed the publisher to see if there is any easier way to order and send to the US.

I’ll see what he find out and then let you know.

I emailed the publisher and they will not ship out of Europe.

Well for whatever it’s worth I’m working on editing the book into English. I’m also looking on Vit’s behalf, for a US publisher, but unless one is found? Who knows what will happen to the translation. Vit may be looking for investors?

Why not publish himself on DVD with a publishing program. He can copy and paste. Way cheaper and no issue with World wide delivery. Can also have both English and Original. Just an idea.

DVDs don’t look as nice on a bookshelf.

No but at least we could get it that way and wayyyy less costly. I myself prefer digital as author can update as needed with no issue. Paper once done you are locked in.
I imagine most would prefer paper I am likely the lone wolf here. Lol.

I assume not in English, if so to bad, looks like a good book.
Pete , you move a lot of books, maybe they will sell you a case
if your interested? I can use one.

I had Dave Scovil over day before yesterday to look at it (Czech version & some of the corrected /edited English on the computer) & give me his impression (he liked it). I’m going to contact Don (owner Wolfe Publishing) next week to see if I can show it to him.

Pete, Great, I will take one. Thanks! Dave

I would like one of these as well. Looks like an interesting topic!

I would love to get my hands on a copy of this also.

It was been translated & is being looked at by a US publisher. So we will see.

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