New book: Serbian Army - Weapons of Victory 1914-1918 Volume I

Before this book existed only in Serbian language. Now it was heavily edited and split into several volumes.

Serbian Army ~ Weapons of Victory ~ 1914-1918 ~ Volume I

**Hot off the presses from John Sheehan, longtime Field Editor at GUNS Magazine and his close friend and co-author Branislav V. Stankovic, a long-time WWI expert working within the Serbian Museum system, is a new comprehensive work on the small arms, bayonets and ammunition used by the Serbian Army during the course of World War One. “Serbian Army ~ Weapons of Victory ~ 1914-1918 Volume I” is 468 hard-bound pages of detailed information, period photographs and color photographs of the various firearms, bayonets and ammunition issued to the Serbian soldiers who served in the frontline trenches during the course of the Great War. **

**The book includes a history of the campaigns fought by the Serbs against the Austro-Hungarians, Germans and Bulgarians. The numerous models of Mauser designs purchased on contract from Mauser Oberndorf, DWM and Steyr of Austria, are addressed from the design phase, through trials and ultimately to their use on the battlefields of the Balkans. The Russian supplied Berdan II and M1891 Three-Line Rifles, aka Mosin-Nagants, which were used to great effect in defeating two Austro-Hungarian invasions, are discussed in detail. Captured and re-issued enemy weapons from the Austrians and Bulgarians were pressed into service. Turkish weapons captured during the 1st Balkan War were also issued to Serbian units during WWI, with a chapter devoted to Turkish Mausers and Peabody-Martinis. **

**Following the collapse of the Serbian front through weight of numbers, the remnants of the Serbian Army escaped over the snow bound mountains of Albania to be rescued by the Allied Navies. Following the recovery and reorganization of the surviving Serbs, they were re-equipped with French firearms and deployed on the Salonika Front where they fought for the remainder of the war. **

**Volume I will be followed by Volume II that will cover machine-guns and field artillery, while Volume III will cover uniforms, equipment and close combat weapons. **

To order a copy, email Bane Stankovic at weaponsofvictorybook(at)gmail(dot)com in the E.U. or John Sheehan at titiger7(at)yahoo(dot)com in North America. In Europe, the book sells for 80 Euros plus shipping, while in the United States, the price is $110 U.S. including shipping.



I notice they have nothing on pistols or machine guns, or their
ammunition. I assume those are covered in the later volumes?

John Moss

Yes, in this Volume I is described on a very detailed way the ammunition for the rifles used by the Serbian Army in WW1, including and captured rifles and ammunition.
In Volume II we plan to describe machine guns and artillery with ammunition.
Volume III is reserved for hand guns, hand grenades and equipment…

Bane V. Stankovic

That is something to look forward to then!

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thanks for that information. At this stage of my collecting
life, I would only be interested in Volume III.


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