New Book: SOVIET CANNON by Chris Koll available!


“SOVIET CANNON - A Comprehensive Study of Soviet Guns and Ammunition in Calibres 12.7mm to 57mm” is the result of more than ten years of research by Christian Koll. It is the first book in any western language that brings together all available information on medium-calibre Soviet arms and ammunition. This type of weapon includes large calibre machine guns, aircraft guns, anti-aircraft guns, light tank and anti-tank guns, as well as infantry fighting vehicle cannon and grenade launchers.

In a total of 586 pages this book covers every aspect of these weapons including the history of development, the operating mechanism, the types of ammunition made in all of the Warsaw Pact countries including markings and designation systems, ammunition packaging, belt links and charger clips, powders, high explosives and ballistics. Besides standard service issue weapons, many experimental designs are described as well.

Approximately 1,150 colour photos and drawings of arms and ammunition illustrate this book. Most of the pictures were taken in Russian museums and from leading collections from all over the world.

An entire chapter is devoted to the history of the Soviet ammunition plants from the beginning to present. For the first time a comprehensive study of Soviet and Warsaw Pact ammunition manufacturer codes is provided, comprising approximately 380 different entries, most of which are identified.

Contained on a CD-Rom that is enclosed with this book are another 286 scale drawings in colour of cartridge cases, projectiles and components, both whole and cutaway views and showing all markings.

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