New breaching rounds from vendor at SHOT



It’s too bad, their website offers painfully little about ammo. I can’t imagine doing a product launch at SHOT Show with all of the videos, and write-ups which will feature your website, but then not have ANY products shown or explained in any detail, to say nothing of lack of product to purchase at all on the website. Bizarre.

The one photo on the website showing any projectile shows what looks like an Ecomass frangible bullet, which has been around, and which is similar in effect to the polycase bullets. New start ups seem to keep coming around though and loading up solid copper bullets or frangible bullets as if they are the first to be ushering in a new era of ammunition technogloy. I think its been at least 25 years now for both in modern pistol self defense loads anyway. The TFB author is also dead-on when he puzzles over why Ascendance is showcasing a .308 door breaching specialty load, and not a .300 BLK load for that niche, or both calibers anyway.


I have this brochure from 2016:

AI_Data_Sheet_SFTP_FINAL.pdf (851.8 KB)


This is their “femme Fatale Ammunition” brand using SST cases loaded with 70 gr lead free frangible bullets.