New Browning Ammunition for 2016

Browning has teamed up with Winchester Ammunition to introduce a whole new line of ammunition for 2016. No information about which calibers yet. … mmunition/

Leon, those Browning cartridges look AWSOME!

The shotshells have a great colour scheme, and I am sure the .22 headstamps will be nice looking too!

Thanks again for the post!


It looks from the picture that the pistol cartridges shown will be some kind of fracturing solid copper hollow point, or fracturing frangible. Should be interesting. I just hope that if they show it at SHOT show in 4 months, that they actually produce it in 2016, and not 2 years later, (or never) as was essentially the case with the Nosler bonded-tipped, the Remington Black Belts, and the Speer G2 Gold Dots.

Here Browning’s ammo webpage:

[quote=“RimPin”]Leon, those Browning cartridges look AWSOME!

The shotshells have a great colour scheme, and I am sure the .22 headstamps will be nice looking too!

Thanks again for the post!


Dave, you’re right on about the looks of the shot shells. I’m not a big collector of shot shells but I’ll definately be buying some of these awesome looking shells!

The countdown clock on Browning’s homepage would indicate a product launch at SHOT show 2016 in January. Given the degree of investment that appears to have gone on in terms of video, graphics, marketing, and branding, I fully expect them to need to launch the line fully in 2016.

I just got confirmation from a Browning Public Relations Associate, that their cartridges will be available in the United States in 2016 and full availability to Canada, will be in 2017.


Info is trickling out online, and a couple retailers are staring to pre-list the cartridge types for retail sale (out of stock at the moment). The brief descriptions describe the defensive pistol load as the BXP X-Point which appears to be a premium (bonded?) jacketed hollow point with an X in the cavity, which is described as a way to prevent plugging, and to ensure consistent expansion. Similar idea to the Fiocchi EMB, Federal Hydra-Shok, and Hornady Critical Defense / Duty, but with a new design.

I found this one image from a retailer:

And some data on the .40S&W and .45acp here:

Well, the countdown clock (4 months worth!) on the Browning ammo website has expired as of 8:00am eastern time today, and nothing has changed - the clock just counts down to negative days. Sort of anti-climactic, with no new info or photos, and none of the very few online retailers who have out-of-stock pre-listings for their new ammo have updated anything to in-stock. I was hoping the countdown would be to a retail blackout being lifted, but not yet apparently. Shot show is in 10 days so that will offer more to this I guess.

Update; as of 12 noon eastern time today, Google search results return the “McNamer Arms” website as having in-stock ammo for the new Browning ammo.
The problem is that this website is one of the hundreds of distributor controlled cookie-cutter proxy retailers with no real customer support or anyone at the helm. This McNamer website is linked to a small-time FFL in Dubuque, IA who probably gets paid a fee from the major distributor (AcuSport in this case) to associate with him for pretending to be the actual “seller” of the ammo. All the products on that site would be drop-shipped from AcuSport. So AcuSport is the distributor for the new Browning ammo, and all sites associated with the OBN “Outdoors Business Network” proxy websites which AcuSport runs (to basically sell ammo direct to retail online) is where their stock should be showing up today & tomorrow online. At the McNamer website it did not allow me to complete the purchase however because their payment processing was messed up - typical of these flaky distributor-run proxy-retail websites.

Other more traditional large-scale retailers like Cheaperthandirt, MidwayUSA, or Cabelas might take a week to catch up since they have more traditional inventory control or physical inventory, not to mention all the bona-fide brick & mortar retailers who will eventually receive physical orders from AcuSport.

Thanks for the update Matt.

I really like the look of their .380 box. Thanks for posting it.

Well, the wait is over Browning Ammo enthusiasts. For those of us following their nearly 4-month website countdown, on a custom-designed, heavily invested, Hollywood-production level video promo’d site, we are now privileged to learn that “their products will be available in summer 2016”. Siggghhhh…

Nothing much else new other than some data tables showing pretty tame performance data, an image of their 100rd 22lr box, and also a graphic showing what looks like a Quik-Shok style bullet in 22lr:

Wild bullet for a .22 Matt!

Here is Brownings new lineup:
(I still have to wait a year for all this great looking product!)

Here are a couple recent images showing the 9mm BXP projectile before & after expansion. The before image looks a little rough on the interior of the bullet, but maybe it is a pre-production rough-cut?

I received some of the .40S&W BXP today from MidwayUSA. Below is the headstamp:

it a arabic or egyptian headstamp ???

Ammogun…rotate it 90 degrees. you will see it is the Browning buck head logo, not script.

The Browning ammo is all in full production with pistol, rifle, shotshell, and rimfire cartridges in stock everywhere it seems. I picked up a box of Browning BXC .300WSM ammo, shown below:

I noticed today on a box of recent production Browning 9mm BXP hollow points, that the headstamp with the Buckmark logo now also has a “R” in circle for Registered Trademark. The original ones that I had from early 2016 did not have this. I don’t know if they are doing this with the “R” on other current-production calibers as well? If Browning continues to have all of the calibers they had originally offered for many more years, then this will make the first-year run of cases rare items I suppose, without the R.